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The Big Brand Theory

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Our parents used to tell us stories from different perspectives such as humor, patriotic, courageous, animals, super heroes and more. There is a common talk amongst us these days that there is no more storytelling there in today’s society. Is it true? But Devas would like to disagree, what we feel is that with the changing times, lifestyle and technology certain mutations has been occurred and with the result of this process, nowadays storytelling are done by successful personnel.

These stories are mostly heroic ones, they contain walking and running footsteps over valleys, hills and mountains, there is rain and sun, winds and dusts, this package is always thrilling. On a general perspective, these heroes in the stories are called Brands. Every brand has a name to it, this name becomes their lifeline and the customer’s daily-line. If you carefully put all the success stories from last 40 years under a microscope, you can see that in every decade we had brands born in to this planet. Branding is not advertisement or just marketing, it’s an amalgamation of varied variety features put in to the bowl to cook the right tasty dish.

For example, Michael Jackson, Amithabh Bachan, Rajesh Khanna, Mother theressa, Nelson Mandela, Mahathma Gandhi, Nehru, Kalpaka Chouhan, Nanditha Roy, Chethan Bhagath, A R Rahman, Sylvester Stallone, Taj Mahal, Tata, Birla, Reliance, Wall Mart, Adidas, Puma, Sony, Honda, Toyota, BMW and now Devas from persons to companies, mentioned above names are well connected to specific brand image in our life.

A story from a small town in New Zealand, namely Tauranga, a young guy wanted to start a business which was already very common in the town, he acquired a degree in the same trade too. But to create difference and identity we need to think beyond as the monkey advised in the movie The Lion King. He was Hairdressing professional; we focused on the ambience and name of the business entity. The Salon was named GodBarber, with the same effect of the legendary cinema Godfather, the ambience looked old Italian mafia joint, he used newly made primitive tools instead of new gadgets, for the first time, Hair cut was wrapped in such a way to create a memory in us and others.

These are days when products and companies can be recognized by just a logo, music or color, when you think of Canon – the color red comes to mind, When you see the sign of a tick mark- our mind runs to Nike even if we are not using their products, three black stripes means Adidas, washing powder Nirma is still remembered by the jingle created twenty years ago; a brand story runs parallel everywhere.

Well, Devas would like to tell one more story, once upon a time, there was the King Sahura of Egypt in the year BC 2393, he was given the throne at the age of 22, to improve his efficiency he hired a trustworthy person and friend to teach and guide him through the policies of the empire. This person used to be awake and kept working while the King was at rest. The empire’s trade and civic engine creation was executed brilliantly, the trade grew, empire became rich exponentially. Innovations and strategies kept astonishing the people and other kings. And then many Kings and Shahs tried to attract this person to their country but loyalty and happiness was offered to him in abundance by King Sahura, By the way, this person and friend was known as Devas in those days, Devas still wraps a package that is worth opening. We are here to create The Big Brand Theory.

The Big Brand Theory has been written by Devas Marketing. Devas Group is expert in Brand & Marketing Management. They are Proficient in handling the company’s designing works, editing, photography, content writing, strategy building, blogs, newsletter, portfolio creations etc. They began in New Zealand 3yrs ago and now jumped in Indian Market to show their talent.

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