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Talkative Parents – a social network to connect with fellow parents!

Talkative Parents logoTalkative Parents is a first of its kind Whatsapp-like communication platform dedicated to the entire schooling eco-system. The school-parental social network connects parents of a particular school in a private group without the hassle of losing their privacy of sharing personal numbers or Facebook profiles.

The concept of Talkative Parents replaces the need of informal Whatsapp groups created by school parents to remain in touch. The platform allows the users to create sub groups basis the class and section of the student as well as provide the school authorities the opportunity to maintain a two-way communication platform to interact with parents on a regular basis.

The world’s first communication application dedicated to the parents of school going children, Talkative Parents comes at a time when with working parents, communicating with fellow parents outside school premises has become a cumbersome task. Prior to this concept, parents had to rely on informal modes of communication (Whatsapp and/or Facebook) to keep in touch with other parents, which not only invaded their privacy but was limited to only chat option, where sharing of other relevant information was not organized.

Here are some things that set Talkative Parents apart and make it a game changer in the market:

  • Focused Groups – Connect with only parents of children who study with your children
  • Secure Platform – Talkative Parents is built on a secure platform, with enhanced privacy settings
  • Simple System – Allows you to conveniently join the group relevant to your child

Market Potential

While Talkative Parents is a first of its kind communication platform, specifically for parents of school children, the business model of the platform is such that gives an opportunity to create a large community and monetize the platform by way of:

  • A freemium subscription model (at the moment)
  • Marketplace, advertising and monetizing the large community of parents by specific targeting of context-relevant products & services

Talkative ParentsMoreover, there are over 700 million parents of school going children worldwide, of which over 100 million parents of school going children are in India. Also, there are over 1.4 million schools in India, of which 30% belong to the private schools category. These statistics, coupled with the trend of working parents, gives Talkative Parents a chance to capture the market with the first mover advantage.

Parents are looking to connect with relevant other parents from schools. What we found interesting is that Talkative Parents automatically connects parents of a particular class without them having to share their mobile numbers of FB ids, which is what parents have to do in their current options of WhatsApp groups or FB groups. 

“The product looks great, and the team is experienced. I think we have a sensible & practical plan that will help the team build a strong foundation for scaling up.” – Prajakt Raut – co-founder & CEO Applyifi, who are helping Talkative Parents raise the next round of funding. 

Road map and Future Prospects

Launched in October 2015, in a span of under 6 months, Talkative Parents has already partnered with over 50 schools in Bangalore area, allowing approximately 8000 parents to be connected via the social communication platform.

The company would continue to focus in building their base in Bangalore till the end of Dec 2016, hoping to add 500+ schools with the freemium version under their ambit; of which they aspire to convert 100+ schools to the paid version post a successful trial period.

By the end of 2017, Talkative Parents would aim to branch out to two new additional cities in the country with a target of having 1200+ schools with the freemium version and converting at least 300+ schools out of the lot to the paid version. By this time period, the company also foresees an Annual Revenue Run Rate of Rs. 2 crores, with processes and product maturity and at least operational break-even.

As a 6 month old start-up, Talkative Parents has their future path mapped out quite well and are confident that they will be able to successfully disrupt the market because:

  • Parents are the biggest spenders, with over $15 per child per week being spent, apart from tuition fees
  • It is the only communication platform dedicated to parents
  • It is a global app from Day 1, with a no-boundaries interface as the app is cloud based
  • It focuses on safety and security
  • Has an experienced team of Founders. They are senior professionals turned entrepreneurs

Founding Team

The founding team of Talkative Parentsis an amalgamation of experienced senior professionals from different fields. Mahesh Vorkady, the Founder and CEO of Talkative Parents is a long time entrepreneur, as well as a self-taught “product designer” who believes in thinking “inside the box”. Powered by creativity, passion, commitment and hard work, Mahesh is a perfectionist who takes his ideas very seriously from inception to realization.

Ramesh Krishnappa, VP, Business Development is a corporate man turned entrepreneur. A number-crunching expert with an eye for perfection, Ramesh brings thinking “out of the box” vision to the talkative team.

Pooran Prasad, the tech specialist, is a server architect with 15 years in architecture and designing Windows, web, and mobile applications. He has been a stellar force in building the Talkative Parents app and is always looking for ways to use the latest technology to keep the app secure.

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