5 Ways Startups Can Use Issue Tracker to Boost Their Productivity

Have you ever been asked what Issue Tracker really is? I’d say it is like a power boost for startups.

Companies mainly use it to get a holistic view of their entire operations or to implement collaboration and streamline operations.

Many companies breathe Issue Tracker. It is the standalone software for managing your projects, planning releases, tracking iterations, and handling tasks, issues, bugs and customer requests.

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Here are 5 helpful ways to use Issue Tracker to boost the productivity of your startup: 

Track, analyze and plan efficient operations 

With the fast growth of a startup, it becomes difficult for an entrepreneur to keep track of their business activities, and more importantly to manage them. The result – a loss of administrative control and mismanagement of business operations.

However, Issue Tracker proves to be a great way in making sure that all your business processes are handled efficiently with a due focus on quality.

It seamlessly integrates into your existing business operational architecture, provides a holistic view and thus, empowers you with better planning, control, and management. This makes Issue Tracker a perfect choice for startups that do not have time for large organizational changes.

Easy access to all of your information

With all of your company’s information at one central location, Issue Tracker relieves you from organizing huge databases manually. Moreover, it brings operational transparency.

Appreciate your teammate’s time. Involve only the intended ones

Right from organizing processes, assigning them to intended person, setting priority, to executing escalation – Issue Tracker supports them all! This helps the employees to concentrate on, and handle only those operations that are relevant to them.

Make communication clear and precise

Issue Tracker offers efficient data sharing. It helps connect the individual yet dependent departments in the organization by providing smooth information flow.

This ensures that the required information reaches the intended person quickly and in a logical manner. Subsequently, this improves decision making and ensures faster response to business issues. Taken together, all of this helps to save a lot of time, otherwise wasted in collecting information or bringing in the synchronization.

Ensure on-time completion

Various processes happen in a startup, with each one contributing to the other and towards the overall success of the business. This makes it all the more important to ensure that not even a single process is missed.

Furthermore, Issue Tracker assures completion of all operations in a much easier manner and most importantly on-time. Using the application, alerts via SMS/email are automatically sent to the concerned person whenever certain events occur in the issue. E.g.

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when an issue is assigned, or when an issue is escalated.  Moreover, the status displaying the current stage of an issue can also be defined for managers to have a snapshot of the issue.

How do you boost the productivity of your startup? Share your recommendations in the comments below!

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