The start-up world is out of tune, let’s fix it together

startup world

startup worldI’m nostalgic of the time where our best minds were using their energy for things that really matter. I’m nostalgic of the time Silicon Valley was focusing on innovations for biotech, space operations and microprocessors. Of the time brilliant people had the wish to work on things that really matter. Of the time they wanted to have an impact.

I get it, the start-up world, as we see it, is appealing.

It’s cool, it’s fun, it’s trendy, we all want to be a part of it. The highest social gratification today is to have a company acquired by another and retire early.Before it was to work on something that will truly improve people lives and keep doing it until we die.

Nowadays, our most brilliant minds are building the next Uber-like app for everything: laundry, plumbing, groceries, etc. They use the latest technologies, the most advanced coding languages, user experience techniques and dedicate all of their time and energy to their project.

Are they really driven by passion? I don’t really see how an on-demand underwear cleaning service can passionate someone that could be working on developing softwares for a satellite or a drone that could go to Mars.

Are we brainwashed or just money-driven?

To me, the problem is coming from every parts of the ecosystem: start-up founders building things without taking a step back, investors and VC funds giving them money, media with a wrong prioritization of the companies they feature.

The entire start-up industry is out of tune at a time where the world needs real innovations.

I don’t blame anybody specifically, we all need to realize that our specie’s consciousness is at its lowest level and technology is part of the solution to the world’s problems.

At a time where the planet is being destroyed because our efforts are not used to serve the evolution of humankind, instead we want to become rich to unconsciously re-invest our money into irrelevant start-ups. At a time where half of the population of our planet is dying because we focus on a social recognition that will not change anything to today’s problems, we need to trigger a change in consciousness.

You know it as much as I do: if used right, technology can stop world hunger, poverty and climate change and we could create heaven on earth by changing our perception and by acting responsibly.

As long as profit will run our world, most of our best minds will keep doing things that perpetuate the status quo. Unless we realize it and take a step back. Let’s not wait to be billionaires to do what Elon Musk is doing with Teslaand SpaceX. It doesn’t need to be done at such a big scale. We have the power to change the world by doing what we already love doing: building things that matter and working for value-driven companies.

The system will not change by itself, it is just a reflection of us, we are the system. Let’s be the change we want to see.

Imagine what the start-up world could accomplish if retuned to the frequency of change and evolution, just imagine.

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