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Meet the entrepreneur from Jaipur who Selling his product in 60+ Countries

By @Connectvj – Interview with Pankaj Narang CEO for the Socialert – Social media Analytics Tool

Socialert is a saas based social analytics startup located in Jaipur, he bootstrapped it & now having the customers in 50+ countries.

I interviewed him to know more about socialert. This is the First Interview of our Startup Showcase Series.

1. Describe Your Startup (Company) – the elevator pitch

Socialert is a social media analytics platform, which was developed keeping the needs of social media marketers in mind. It helps them to run digital marketing campaigns for brands, political parties, events, and to perform a wide range of other social media activities.

Currently, we are focused on Twitter marketing and hashtag tracking, as we have developed an analytics platform to analyze keywords and hashtags. Our platform helps various brands to identify influencers, generate leads, and measure their engagement with time. It allows them to track their progress on a real-time basis to bring an edge over their marketing strategy.

2. How did you start? Is there any story behind the business?

Earlier, we were in the service-based industry, where we worked for different clients across various domains. Analytics became my passion ever since I got a chance to work on enterprise projects. Since we were more inclined into e-commerce servicing, we decided to explore the same industry. As we uncovered various dynamics related to e-commerce analytics, I got impressed by how Twitter works.

The social media platform is an overwhelming source of open-end data and there are so many opportunities related to it. Therefore, we initially started with Twitter analytics and created a marketing platform which can solve everyday problems that digital marketers face these days.

3. Who are the potential customers for your business?

Our software is being used by several marketers who work for different brands the world over. They are doing hashtag marketing for political campaigns, brand strategies, TV shows, and more. Since we are evolving with our product, our potential customer base is also expanding. From media representatives to PR agencies – almost everyone who is associated with digital marketing can use our product.

4. Is it hard to sell to International Market from India?

Honestly, it is not that difficult at all. Since we already had quite an experience in the same field and have explored the international market before, cracking it wasn’t rocket science for us. Additionally, we are using some of the best payment gateways to sell our digital products, which acts as a major advantage to explore international market.

5 . Tell us about your team?

We have a small and talented team of in-house developers and a bunch of freelancers for content writing and marketing. There are a total of almost ten driven and qualified individuals in our team as of now.

6. You are a bootstrapped startup, was it tough for you to get the first 100 customers?

Initially, it took us almost a year to acquire our first 100 customers. Afterward, it got better and we gradually managed to become a well-equipped machine.

7. What do you wish you’d known 2 years ago that you know now? Where do you see Socialert in 2 years time?

I strongly feel if I could have learned more about digital marketing in the past, then we would have been at a better position in the present. Nevertheless, in the last two years, I got to learn a lot about content marketing and online branding. This has certainly helped Socialert to a great extent. In the coming days, I see Socialert expanding to other domains as well. With the inclusion of a few other popular social media platforms, we would like to make it a one-step solution for everything related to social media listening.

8. What are some of the most difficult challenges you are currently facing as CEO?

I came from a core technical background, as initially, I started working on SAAS products. I got to explore a whole new territory as I got involved with Socialert. One of the biggest challenges was to come up with a perfect marketing team. I strongly believe that without having an impactful marketing strategy and a qualified team, you can’t really generate promising leads. It took me almost 6 months to streamline everything, but we managed to produce fruitful results in no time.

9. If someone wants to start a saas based product, what is your advice to first-time entrepreneurs?

I would suggest that every entrepreneur should do their bit of research beforehand. You should be familiar with the kind of problems that your customers face frequently. Additionally, you should already have a basic idea about your product. You should know how your product is going to solve your customer’s problem and how it can provide a distinctive value to its end users. Think from the perspective of your audience and come up with a unique product. Give your customers something that no other product is able to provide.

10 . Can you convince the reader to start using Socialert in under 50 words?

If you want to level up your social media marketing game, then Socialert is just the ideal solution for you. Track hashtags, perform social media

Track hashtags, perform social media listening and measure your timely growth with its in-depth analytics. Perform real-time brand monitoring and be a social media ninja in no time!

Finished reading? Check out Socialert 

If you would like to ask Pankaj anything, Please use the comments section and he will personally answer all your queries. 

If you would like to have your company featured in Bizztor Startup Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected]/bizztor-2 or on Twitter: @connectvj


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