4 Key Things to consider Before creating a Social Media Strategy

Before you start creating a result oriented Social Media Strategy, consider these four basic things:

1. Know your Customer: 

Do not follow the trend what others are following, understand who your customers are and where you can find them. If my brand sell Women clothes online for 18 to 40 age group then Facebook is most desired social Network. ( Ideally I will be going with Facebook, twitter,Instagram & Pinterest. ( Below infographic will show you the audience size for each network )

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2. What is Your Mission Statement :

Create a mission statement for each social profile’s purpose, tying this back to your business goals. Ex: I will use Twitter for customer service in order to promote customer loyalty

3.  Set Your Goal:

Set a goal for each social profile and identify benchmarks for success. Ex: I want to increase new follower count on Facebook by 100 each month to amplify my brand and drive foot traffic to my brick-and-mortar business. or Need to get 500 new followers ( female ) which are based in Mumbai. All goals need to be specific and narrowed.

4. Put a Content Strategy in Place:

Put a content strategy for your social profiles like posting 2 creative images per day on Facebook, sharing 1 post each hour on twitter to increase visitors to website.

social media stats

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Above stats will help you to choose right social media platform and taking right approach to take your brand to next level.

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