Doing Social Media Marketing is not everybody’s cup of tea!

It needs more than just usual posting and networking nitty gritty. Today, having an online presence is essential to take your business to the next level. The markets are expanding globally and to cross new horizons, the businesses require smart social media presence.

Whether you are a newbie or your business has already marked its presence in the social media world, it requires dedicated time and efforts to achieve significant results.

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With lot many things taking up your time in business, many entrepreneurs especially, the startup business owners have are finding it difficult to devote their time on social media to promote their business. Surely, social media is a full time job and need to spend time every day on it. Hence, there is a necessity to hire a social media manager.

Hiring a social media manager

Choosing the best social media manager from the crowd is tough task. You can either hire a social media manager or agency. Frankly speaking an agency will be cost more especially when the newbie entrepreneurs are adjusting their expenses in limited budget. Hiring a social media manager make sense.

For anyone who is looking to hire a social media manager should consider below mentioned factors:

Experience matters

Of course, this is the most important part when hiring a social media manager. When you are thinking to hire some, you certainly don’t want newbies. An experienced social media marketer has a better understanding of the social media which will help boost your business online.

Writing and design experience — look for multi-tasking skills

If you have a specific requirement like working on the back-end of your website or designing a logo/design or generate content you will need a candidate with precise knowledge and background. Social media professional with technical background is a plus here.

However, when hiring you need to be specific about your work requirements in order to get an expertise on board.

Social media never sleeps

Social media certainly is not a Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 job. To be honest there is lot of activity going on day in day out — weekends and after regular work hours. The task is challenging and needs more putting in time especially when your business has just started. Posting, sharing, tweaking, networking and much more is “actually more” needed and the candidate should be expert in handling the same.

Ask their contingency plans during crisis

We all know that troubles come unannounced, know that your manager is capable to handle these single handed. As everyone deals with bad comments, and trolls in different manner- ask your manager how he/she would will deal with such situations.

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Adaptable- social media is every changing world

Your social media manager should be adaptive to the new social media trends. Since, social media is ever evolving, you need to hire a professional who can keep up with the changes and grow. Not only it is important to adapt the new trends, but equally important to implement to your online business. Creativity is a trait, wherein a person is born with- it cannot be cultivated overnight.

Doing Social Media Marketing is not everybody’s cup of tea!

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