10 Slides in your Pitch Deck can Help you Raise Funding in India

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Are you a first-time entrepreneur or someone who want to send pitch deck to Investors?

This post is for you.

In this post, you will learn:

1. What is Angel Investment and who are Angel Investor?
2. How is angel Investors different from VCs?
3. 10 Key Slides you must include in your funding pitch deck.

Most of the startups in India have less idea about what to include in the pitch deck before sending it to Investors?

Even a great product may find it very hard to raise funds if founders are not able to convince the investors. Putting right and enough information is critical aspects of any startup funding pitch deck.

Team Bizztor had a conversation with one of the Leading startup Investor in India, Sanjay Mehta – a Private investor with more than 103 startup Investments in India & USA.

Sanjay shared his Insights about what to include in startup pitch deck. Watch the video to understand each slide and what to put in it.

Here is a list of 10 slides you must need to include in the Pitch Deck:

1. Team
2. Problem / Unmet need
3. Target Market and Segmentation
4. Market dynamics and Competition
5. Solution
6. Unfair Advantage
7. Business Model
8. Go to Market Sales Strategy
9. Financial Projections & Key Matrix
10. Status & Timeline

Again, watch the full video to understand these slides better way.

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