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Six Essential Tips To Market Your Blockchain Startup

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With the advent of cryptocurrency as a strong, secured mode of asset and transaction procedure, there has been a reduction in cases of scam and fraud.

Every big and middle-level companies have started experimenting with Blockchain Technology to provide various services in the Blockchain. If you’re one of the many professionals who is assembling an organization fueled by blockchain technology, then you may have a lot of competition.

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Blockchain technology is a technology that holds untapped power, and many investors are using it to create startups of their own. Simply put, blockchain is a certified, and safe transaction procedure between two parties. It has gained popularity through the innovation of Bitcoin cryptocurrency, and now every tech ninja is willing to slide into this business and build their own startups.

Although it’s hard to crack the market of blockchain startups, you need remarkable showcasing skills as well as a product that compels the audience. Startups need to promote their product aggressively, build an active presence on different social media platforms, consistently engage with followers, and prove to the general public that your project has value.

Blockchain technology isn’t limited to financial transactions; it also brings many opportunities to business owners. It can certify the exchange of stocks, secure title deeds, protect the security of ballots cast online, and validate identities. Because of its potential, investments are pouring into blockchain startups, it’s expected that the blockchain market will be worth $885 million by next year.

So, are you ready to start your blockchain startup? Here are six essential tips of marketing your blockchain startup that will help you in building substantial value in the competitive market of blockchain technology.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to market your blockchain startup. Consider partnering with a social media influencer to promote your business organization. This influencer doesn’t need to be a notable celebrity, just someone with knowledge in the cryptocurrency or blockchain world who can confer credibility to your company and generate buzz.

Start by creating content together, such as videos, and have the influencer to share it on their social media channels. Social media sites are less costly, as well as they reach out to your target audience very effectively and ensure good visibility on your Blockchain projects.

Build Your Community

By comparing to all the other latest technologies, Blockchains has its passionate, loyal followers who are very attentive and engaged in online discussions. Therefore, producing unique content about your projects on online forums and numerous social media networks will help you in engaging with the people from different segments of the market, and allowing them to build a more significant relationship with them.

Many blockchain enthusiasts are using Telegram, a messaging app, to share news and stay in the know. A lot of the chatter focuses on cryptocurrencies. This is the right place for any blockchain startup to discuss their company and start building a more diverse community interested in your blockchain projects.

Content Strategy

If you are considering marketing your blockchain startup, one of the first things you need to do is to establish your content strategy upfront. An official startup website is the first place where people will try to find you, so you need to keep it fresh and up to date.

Consider creating in-depth whitepapers, an inbound marketing funnel via blog posts, guest posts and much more in order to provide detailed information. Your content should lead to questions such as: what your value proposition is, what your company does and how blockchain technology helps customers. You’ll need more than a solid business plan and website to market your startup.

User Engagement Platforms

The next tip to market your blockchain startup successfully is to use a variety of tactics and tools, one of which should be an engagement and analytical tool. This can help you understand what kind of website traffic is driving your site, and provide you with a platform to communicate with the community of followers you’ve built.

For instance- You can use email marketing campaigns, which will help you to connect with people who are interested in your project. This kind of communication will also help you in building trust and loyalty with your critical audience.

Thought leadership Through Guest Posts

Since blockchain technology is such a hot topic right now, newspapers, TV stations, and online sites are desperately seeking experts who actually understand this field. This is the time when thought leadership through guest posts in this space are being defined.

Hence, it is crucial for founders of blockchain startups to make their names known and show their knowledge by writing opinion pieces online, which can then be shared with the world.

Another important reason that founders in this space should make an effort to write opinion pieces and get them published in well-known publications is to increase their credibility in the eyes of the public. Many people don’t know how blockchain technology works or why they should care about it. The founders of blockchain startups can fill this void with blog posts and guides.

Investors who are spending their hard earned money in blockchain startups want to make sure that they are working with a team that knows what it’s talking about and can be trusted. Hence, posting valuable insights and opinions on accredited publications can go a long way for new entrepreneurs.

Bounty Campaigns

Another impressive marketing device that many Blockchain startups have now is profiting from bounty campaigns with rewarding their loyal and trusted customers. The bounty programs are ideal for transforming their supporters into agents for the Blockchain venture. This helps promotes the startups to get involved in media, urging them to get new individuals and enables them to connect with  new demographics.

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Developing a Blockchain startup is a standout amongst the most prominent business areas all around the world. Such ventures request an extraordinary product as well as a robust advertising technique to connect with a large number of people effectively. Whether you are a part of the blockchain startup or starting a new blockchain startup, you’re on the cutting edge of technology.

It’s an exciting place to be, but it will require strong marketing efforts to promote your startup and leverage its potential to both investors and your target audiences.

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