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5 Easy Tips to Build and Promote Your New Startup Brand

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Finally, you have launched your startup. It’s a dream come true, and you are undoubtedly excited for your business entity.

As a matter of fact, nothing is more challenging and exciting for starting your own business entity in the competitive world.

There is a lot of things to think about before launching your business entity; you are required to prepare all the responsibility of hiring staff, business name, logo, brand value and much more.

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The idea for starting your startup must be unique, thrilling and attention seeker in the competitive place. Thousands of experienced or professional players and the small players who are just beginning their business with unique ideas out there who can beat your business entity with their proficiency.

So, how do you start your business entity and beat your competitors? Well, the basic rule for success is to have enough knowledge about it in order to hit the ground running.

The right information about your business entity will always help you in getting success. And this article will provide you the wonders for the reputation and brand awareness of your business entity.

What Stands For Branding?

Branding is the process of providing a specific name to the company and its services or products by shaping or creating a brand in the mind of consumers or clients.

The objective behind the designing of branding is to help the consumers in order to identify their services or products and business entity quickly and provide them a good reason to select their services or products over the competition.

Branding is basically the impression of your company that pops into the mind of customers when they hear your business entity’s name whether the experience they’ve had with you, bad or good.

However, many business owners think that branding is time-consuming, eats up a lot of money and overwhelming. But, this doesn’t true for all the business entity. Branding is a complicated process, primarily because its failure or success is determined by your clients’ responses to the act of doing business with you.

For instance, BMW consistently provides styling, extraordinarily engineering performance through its events, dealerships, and ads. The brand image of BMW has grown organically from those consistent experiences which offered quality and luxury to the customers.

Branding To-Do List For Startups

As soon as you understand the concept of branding and how it will help you in getting your business success in the competition’s world, the next question arises how you will do branding of your business? You must be overwhelmed with the sheer number of items on your branding checklist. But not to worry, below mentioned are few tips to help you on your way from identifying your target customer to creating your logo, and optimizing your presence in social media.

Name For Your Startup

It’s essential to know how the brand and the company name will help you in establishing your business entity for a more extended period. Well, the business name is a core component of your brand identity. If you have not decided the name of your company yet, then consider the below-mentioned tips before selecting any name for your startup.

  • Does proper research work while choosing a business name in google and make sure that social media platforms are available for the preferred name of your startup.
  • You need to be assured while selecting the business name because it should be easy to pronounce and easy to remember.
  • The name of your startup must be engaging.
  • It must create interest to your audience.
  • Make sure there is no another business with the same name.
  • The business name should relate to your services or products.
  • Check all the trademarks.
  • Make sure that your brand name and image should support the vision of your company.

Identify Your Users

A brand name must include a clear understanding of who is your target audience and what they are accepting from your business. This is one of the foremost step for every branding exercise while promoting your startup in the competitive world.

Just create a customer persona which will help you in getting into the heads of the people you want your brand to resonate with, so you can understand- Who is your targeted audience? What are their interests? Where are they primarily most active?

For instance- You own an online store which is selling party dresses for girls, your targeted audience will be like this:

  • Women aged 20-30
  • Target location
  • Working or self-employed
  • High-income or medium

Social Media Reputation

Social media presence is going to be an essential step in your brand strategy in order to manage your brand name and reputation online. In fact, your social media platforms should look like a never-ending mood board for your startups.

Make sure your photos and designs must be aligned with the business name.

The more active you are on the social media platforms, the more traffic you will be able to attract to your business entity, but you need to be assured for posting about your products and services.

However, brand positioning is the art of creating a brand name in the mind of customers. So, you need to register your startup at all the platforms of social media, whether you are willing to use it or not, but make sure you have accounts at all platforms in order to create visibility and credibility for your startups.

Create a Logo for your Startup

As soon as you are done with selecting a business name and scribbled down your targeted customer persona, the next aid is to create a logo for your startup in order to represent your brand. The logo is the first visual of your company, and the clients or customers will make the assumptions about your startup by visualizing your logo’s style, font, graphics and colors associated with the brand.

For example- Amazon has used smile for their logo, because they want their customers to be happy with their services.

Develop a local presence

The last aid for promoting your startup is by developing a presence of your business entity locally. In short, local presence is making your website or business entity ready to find for nearby online searchers.

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If you are living in small cities or rural areas, local presence will make a big difference for your business entity. Local presence of your business will not only help you in driving sales, but it will also help you in hiring staff for your startups.


Hopefully, you now have the better understanding in building up a brand strategy for promoting your startup. Well, developing a brand strategy can be exciting, but it requires a lot of work to do. So, make sure that you are covering all the essential elements of promoting your startups.

As a matter of fact, above-shared points are necessary for branding, but the concept of branding doesn’t end there. Depending on your niche, there are various ways of promoting your business, as every way will bring some opportunities for your business entity.


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