This Patented Technology From Indian Startup will Change the Future of Online Shopping

Augmented reality is changing the way we view the world — or at least the way its users see the world. One of the most exciting startups which works on Augmented reality in India is Preksh.

The startup leverages visual merchandising in stores to create better online experience. They have launched the World’s First ‘Visual Commerce’ Platform which will change the future of online shopping.

logo_final (1)Preksh Augmented Reality Solution allow consumers to ‘walk-through’ real brick and mortar stores, ‘pick’ products off the shelves and purchase online while inside the Virtual Store. Preksh provide an unique 360 degree view of Every store and brings to you the real stores at your home. Consumers will be able to enjoy seamless shopping experience of walking through their favourite store, discover their choice of products looking around the store, just the way they do in a physical store, and purchase online at their own convenience.

Recently this startup has been selected for Target India’s fourth Accelerator Program which aims to “tap into India’s innovation potential” with potentially game-changing technologies.

prekshBangalore-based Preksh was founded in July 2015 by Kodandarama M A, Saikat Sinha, Sathvik Muralidhar and Sharath Chandrashekar with backgrounds from IIT, IIM and XLRI and experience in companies like Wipro, TI, Nokia, Harman, Citibank and Mahindra group.

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We interviewed Saikat Sinha (CMO) to find out more:

Tell us a bit more about Preksh:

Preksh is using augmented reality (AR) to bring online shopping closer to the offline experience. Preksh technology based solution enables businesses to take their stores to customers, wherever they are, 24X7. Preksh tries to bridge the gap by taking 3D images inside physical stores to create virtual walkthroughs online with its patent-pending AR technology.

We have applied for 2 patents related to this technology. It’s Unique features like ‘Store Enquiry’ allows users to directly ask a questions to the store owner, ‘Sections’ allows users to jump to any section inside the store and ‘Social Share’ where one can take a snapshot inside the real store to share it in social media.

Our Visual Commerce Solution will enable increased customer engagement, drive in-store productivity improvement and amplify e-commerce marketplace impact.

What inspired you to build the above product?

Consumers buy either online (Ecommerce) or offline (Real Stores). While ecommerce bring all the conveniences (assortment of products, home delivery, customer care etc.), shopping as a fun experience is still with the offline stores. We are bridge the online-offline retail gap and make online shopping fun & convenient.

If we look at ecommerce, there are only two ways of searching a product. Firstly ‘The Search Tab’ which is generally placed on the top of the website/app, secondly ‘Search by category Tabs’ placed on the left top of the website/app. However if we look at offline shopping, search & purchase happens mostly by ‘Looking Around’. Preksh brings in this third category-‘Looking Around’ online.

What customer pain point you are solving?

Our customers are retailers and brands. The advent of online marketplace model leaves no scope for the retailers to showcase their brand/store to the customers. They loose their identity. Also expansion of physical store to new cities is capital intensive. With Preksh’s Augmented Reality Solution any retailer can actually showcase their present store to the world. They not only get brand identity but also increase sales.

features of prekshFor big brands, Preksh’s AR helps in differentiation, increase in customer engagement, increase in online sales and enhances customer delight.

What is your current traction and future plans?

We are live with 22+ small stores and 3 big brands. Our non-retail guided tour has multiple customers from different sectors like real estate, hospitals, hotels, educational institutes, restaurants and manufacturing.

We are also doing projects for

  •  One of the largest apparel brands in India
  •  One of the largest retailers in Dubai
  •  A premium lifestyle apparel brand in India
  •  One of the largest kids brand in country

In future we want to be pioneer in Augmented Reality for retail and develop technologies to make shopping even more fun.

Visit the startup website.


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