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Artificial Intelligence Startup that will Amaze you – Story of Niki App

The first of its kind, Niki Ordering app is a chatbot (fully automated) that you can converse with. She understands human language in the context of products and services that you want to buy.

She guides you with recommendations to help you find your best service / product and makes the transaction almost instant.

Niki app Team

Niki app Team

Niki is anArtificial Intelligence powered personal buying assistant that you can chat with, to simplify your online purchasing experience.

Niki will guide you along your purchase with recommendations, as per your requirements, to reach the right service and then she goes to the last mile to make that transaction for you.

As a user of the Niki app, you can search, discover, choose, make payment and complete your transaction through online payments or Paytm wallet. Niki’s philosophy is to make ordering both simple and convenient whether it is mobile shopping or hiring a cab. Consider her the personal assistant you never had, right in the palm of your hand. All you need to do is, chat with Niki.

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We are currently catering to:

  1. Mobile Prepaid Recharge
  2. Cab Booking
  3. Mobile Postpaid bills
  4. DTH Recharge
  5. Data Card Recharge

Major Upcoming services on Niki App- Bus Booking, Flight Booking, Food Ordering, Hotel Booking, Electricity payments, water bill payments and Insurance.

From Left To Right: Keshav Prawasi, Nitin Babel, Sachin Jaiswal and Shishir Modi

From Left To Right: Keshav Prawasi, Nitin Babel, Sachin Jaiswal and Shishir Modi was founded by 4 graduates from IIT KGP (Sachin Jaiswal, Shishir Modi, Keshav Prawasi, Nitin Babel). Prior to this, Sachin worked with Oracle as a Product Manager and had co-founded Innovaccer – a data analytics company. Keshav has worked with Amazon for 4 years building architectures at scale. Shishir was the head of Strategic Initiatives at Indiareads and Nitin worked with Ispos as a data analyst before co-founding with others.

User Experience – The interface comprises just a chat box which is neat and convenient for anyone to use. It also ensures minimal learning curve for individuals when they use the App.

The power users too have been considered to ensure their interests are catered – there are power buttons (service related) to tap on the interface, just above the text box and the dynamic buttons that appear during choice-selection to ensure minimum ordering time. You may cancel an ongoing conversation by hitting the cancel button.

Ease To Use - NikiApp

Ease To Use – NikiApp

Can you please tell us a bit about yourself and Where the things started and What motivated you to become an entrepreneur?

I come from a middle-class family and have seen the various challenges faced by people in their day to day living. The fact that if I could create something that can improve the lives of people is something always motivated me. That is the reason I chose to be an entrepreneur. I want to positively impact the billions of people of our world.

What was the first thing you did to get the word out about your startup and how did you measure the effectiveness of this? 

Back in early 2015, we did a VOC of our MVP at IAMAI event. That was the first time we spread the word about our business. The response that we received was overwhelming, and we were able to close 2 clients from there.

“What’s the hardest decision you’ve made so far?” 

We have had many hard decisions to take, but the one that stands out was during the period when every other day, a WhatsApp based chat assistant was coming up in our space. We were still in our Tech development phase. We of course got a lot of pressure to start a WhatsApp based service as well while we build our tech. But we kept faith on our core idea to build a scalable technology to solve the problem that we intend to solve. Really glad that it worked out fine, but down the line it was a very hard decision at that time.

What mistakes have you made thus far in this business and what have you learned?

In the early days, at times for decision making we gave more weight age to our intuitions rather than have data driving them. But we learnt quickly and decision making has been scientific since.

What helps you when you doubt yourself? 

When in doubt, I like to take some time off to travel alone and get clarity. It gives me time to think about the events happening and helps in maintaining peace.

What does it take to start an online business nowadays? A unique innovative idea? Know-how? Long working hours? People? What is your recipe? 

There is no recipe as such, a simple idea not necessarily unique and like-minded dedicated people who strive hard to make the idea which they believe come to life.

As a founder, what do believe to be the end goal for this startup? 

We want to replace the way people do commerce. We at Niki feel that conversations can be a much more intuitive and natural way of placing orders. And we want to provide users with a product that can deliver an unparalleled conversational commerce experience. Expanding across services and bringing in advanced technology features so that Niki becomes the Go To platform for commerce is something that we are striving for.

Finally, would you have any inspirational tips for aspiring entrepreneurs about to kickstart their startup dream?

Two cents:

  • Be prepared to do everything
  • Build a team which stands with you in tough times
  • Have fun

Before we let you go, where can we find you online?

Niki App logo

Niki App


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