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How Nexhop technology brings you the experience that’s missing from your present online shopping

How Nexhop technology brings you the experience that’s missing from your present online shopping

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Everyone loves shopping, but you always miss out trust factor while shopping. Now onwards you don’t have to worry any more as with Nexhop you can experience the trust that’s missing from your present online shopping experience as they have made your mobile your new Shopping advisor using technology.

Nexhop supports the retail stores and builds an ecosystem exclusively for showcasing their inventory in an unbiased and neutral environment without any vested interest of online warehouses and wholesale dealers.

We interviewed Ashis Mohanty , Nexhop founder to find out more.

Tell us about other co-founders & your startup team:

I along with Surajit Nath and Benny Marianayagam founded the company in 2015. The dream was to build a technology platform for Brick & Mortar stores so that they can compete with online websites effortlessly. This dream gradually developed into a Hyper-local e-commerce platform for Retailers and is growing ever since its inception

DSC_0219The present team consists of 8 members working full time. Ashis, Surajit and Benny have worked together in Toronto, Canada before starting Nexhop. Benny holds a Master of Engineering in Technology Innovation Management from Carleton University, Canada.

Priyanka was a successful Business Development Manager and Sindhya was a senior iOS Developer in their previous roles. Prahlad has done his MBA from Symbiosis Pune before joining Nexhop. Vijaya and Tinto are ace Android programmers with many successful apps under their names in Play store.

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Vision of Startup?

Nexhop’s vision is to be a technology enabler for the Brick and Mortar stores across the retail spectrum. We envision a digital platform supported by SaaS model that includes Mobile POS, cloud based order processing and inventory solutions with a strong data analytics backbone.

Our ultimate goal is to provide an unbiased digital platform for Physical retailers in the world of digital sales and marketing.  The scope of growth is limitless and with new technological advances in IoT and 3-D printing, we have a bright future in the retail industry.

App’s features.

The highlights of the Consumer App are:

  • Access the Local store’s inventory in an app.This is an entirely new and focused approach towards making the stores presence felt in the online world. Store uploads the products from their inventory and the customers can view them without having the need to visit the stores personally to enquire about the price and availability.
  • Call the seller: An inbuilt option to call the stores so that the customer can directly interact with the stores and get their questions answered ASAP.
  • Digital receipt that is saved for every order placed via Nexhop app. This helps when the user tries to claim a warranty, as they don’t have to track the receipt and purchase date in the paper receipts and everything is stored in the cloud.
  • Pick from Store option: With this feature the customer can buy an item immediately without having to wait for the delivery. This gives more control to the customer
  • Mark Stores as Favorite: Whenever the customer buys from a shop or likes a store then the store is saved as a Favorite and the customer gets notified about special deals from those stores

10408814_797159530412368_6701134287280441899_nProblems you are addressing with your product for customers?

At Nexhop we are addressing the following pain points for the online customers:

  • Provide an online platform for stores: We put the local stores inventory online in our appand the customer can discover their favorite products instantly in their neighbourhood
  • No more uncertainty over product delivery:Customers can opt to pick from Stores so that their urgent buying needs can be resolved quickly, eliminating the need for long/uncertain delivery times
  • Digital receipts and order history online: Maintain digital copies of the order receipt so that the customer don’t have to worry about losing the paper receipts when they buy from stores
  • Online Brand Identity for Brick & MortarStores:Nexhop creates online brand identity for Retail stores that subsequently creates a loyal customer base for the store in the online world.

USP for consumers: 

We are a technology company with focus on stores, their customer base and ease of use. Nexhop aims to develop turnkey solutions for stores that can help them get online in a matter of few clicks. We showcase products as per category and have a separate page for every store based in the locality of the customer.

The user does not have to guess which store is selling what and can directly go to the product they need to buy. That cuts the discovery process by 90% compared to other hyper-local apps.

We don’t scan barcodes and don’t ask retailers to generate any barcode to advertise their products. Our ads are clear and precise with only two actions for the customers i.e. “ download the app and buy the product”

USP of our services to the stores:

  • Customers are linked to stores after the transaction.
  • Mobile based online order processing website which gives a virtual store access to the retailers to run their business from anywhere.
  • Web Portal to update inventory for every stores.
  • Single focus on Consumer electronics and white/brown goods and we are diversifying to cover all type of retail products.

Traction details

We have 80 stores onboard. 5000+ products in our inventory, 1000+ customers are using our android and ios appin 1 and half months and transaction worth more than Rs.20 Lakhs in the same period of time.

Funding status

We are currently bootstrapped and supported by our team in Toronto. Discussions are on with multiple VCs in India to raise our next rounds of funds as well.

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