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Gurgaon Based Sugandh is making parents life simple with Mumpa App

Parents have an endless list of things (both products & services) to get for their children. They may manage fine in home terrain, but they are at a complete loss about what to find, where to find when away from home.
Home in today’s world is dynamic, it changes – locality/city/country – due to work, marriage, buying property, a stint abroad and back. The aunty who knows it all therefore isn’t around to answer big and small queries about what to get from where, but Mumpa is.

It is a crowd sourced information platform for kids’ essentials and a hyper local ecommerce platform synced with the user’s physical line of vision. One can make choices based on recommendations and reviews from other parents, form an engaging parentship (friendship with other parents) and make informed and deliberated decisions for the best of everything for their child.

Key features of Mumpa- App

On the parent side it will help them – Find products & services for their children based on recommendations and reviews from other parents. – Scoot for handpicked deals around them in the kids essentials space. – Engage with other parents on kids issues through a forum.

On the product/service provider side it will – Build a communication platform for retailers to reach out to their target audience in a more engaging manner. – Help them with lower end of the funnel leads. – Be a hyper local commerce platform.

About the founders

Sugandh SinhaSugandh is the soul of Mumpa. She’s been an early adopter of technology and has over 7 years of experience managing high performing product & marketing teams. She holds a bachelors in literature and masters in management. No wonder, then, that she’s beautifully crafted her raison d’être into a periodic symphony of making Mumpa a great parenting partner, discussing Homer, crooning classics and bringing up 2 toddlers.

Saurabh KumarSaurabh has been working in Online Marketing since 2003. He has worked with several brands on online marketing, platform development and business intelligence. He is a Computer Engineer from NITK and has a PGDM from IIM, Ahmedabad.

Saurabh has 10+ years of experience in online marketing & web analytics along with design and implementation of large SEO-friendly websites. He is also a product development expert.

Challenges faced in the startup journey

Being a parent myself, I(Sugandh) find parenting as one of the most challenging jobs. Managing a start-up with two toddlers is a big challenge in itself. Like any other start-up we went through some trouble in bringing the service providers on board with us. We are also working very hard to improve the user interface so that the user has a seamless experience of using the app.

Product USP and current traction

appscreenshot4Mumpa is the first parenting app which interacts with parents and service providers in parallel. It is also the first hyper local ecommerce platform in the kids products/services space. The forum within the app is also unique in more than one way. It is the 1st parenting-app connecting parents & providers for informed decision making & hyper local commerce. The retailers can connect with the users independently in real time.

Beta version was launched in Gurgaon on September 5th. The app has over 500 listings, 150 organic installs. 20+ daily interactions. The app can be downloaded from app store.

Now, customers (parents) will be able to make informed decisions about products & services for kids based on recommendations, reviews & ratings (actions) from other parents. Every user action on the app begets points which will unlock exciting handpicked deals from providers around the users. The app will thrive on UGC.

What differentiates Mumpa from its competitors

When Mumpa was conceived, there wasn’t a service doing the same thing, to some extent there isn’t any till date. There were one or two listing services in the space but none that brought the marketplace and user together dynamically.

Future plans

Mumpa plans to expand its presence fast across different cities in the country. We however see ourselves as a product which will be useful to parents and retailers globally.

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