5 Proven B2B Marketing Strategies to Scale Your Business to New Heights

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Abstract- In today’s world of cut-throat competition, it is necessary for companies to proactively contact customers, understand their requirements, and maintain relationships with them.

To increase B2B business, companies need to adopt lead generation strategies that deliver results. Lead nurturing is the process by which the company approaches the buyer at each stage of the buying process, educating them of the company’s products/services and making a personalized pitch to engage the customer with the product/service experience so that the customer can take the buying decision.

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There are various ways in which you can utilize customer voice to create better lead nurturing strategies for your company.

Focus on Account-Based Marketing:

Account Based Marketing is a strategy in which the customer comes first and the company’s products/services are pitched to serve the specific customer’s needs.

This is an effective strategy in which the customers are classified into different accounts depending on their revenues, size, industry, products they have and the market needs they serve.

Then you can do a market research about what their needs are, what problems they need solving, how your company can add value to their business, etc. you should also identify their personal preferences, their preferred medium of communication, their method of consuming information etc.

Finally, you can develop a personalized sales pitch on how your company can solve their problem efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

You can have personalized sales, promotion, offers and can create a customized message about your firm’s capabilities for each customer. Be tech savvy in reaching your targeted customers using advanced digital marketing techniques such as Twitter tailored audiences, Google customer match, LinkedIn Matched audience etc.

Go for a strategic lead scoring system:

In this new world Data is the king. It is imperative that you develop an objective data-driven approach to evaluate your leads. Instead of a traditional lead scoring system, go for a predictive lead scoring system which eliminates subjectivity and human errors.

Predictive lead scoring helps in understanding the future behaviour of the customer with the help of historical data. It generates a predictive model which has a high level of accuracy. This method increases the lead quality and eliminates the error.

Predictive-scoring in combination with marketing automation software and CRM can process data faster and provide you with leads that have the highest potential to turn into sales. There are various ways in which the leads can be ranked such as a request for product information, response to emails, interaction with website etc.

With the CRM platform, you can create automated triggers for customers who are interested in your products.

Customer behaviour changes over a period of time. So you need to adapt your lead scoring methodology as per your new learnings. For example, an insight that customers who visit contact us page has availed the services can help in having a better lead scoring for that customer activity.

Once the lead scoring is done, then Sales and Marketing would have a personalized strategy to approach these leads to guide them throughout the buying process.

Foster collaboration between different functions:

The key differentiator for a successful company is to have multiple functions work towards a common goal. It is very much necessary that the marketing department understands the sales function and the amount of time and effort it takes to convert potential leads into customers.

This will help them understand the customer behaviour during the entire sales process, challenges of the sales team and create better communication strategies.

There are various ways in which you can foster communication and collaboration between sales and marketing. You can have marketers to be present during sales calls to understand the decision-making process of the customer.

You can have common sets of evaluation for evaluating quality leads so that the understanding is uniform.

They can share specific customer related information so that they understand the customer better. These activities can help in developing a targeted lead nurturing strategy for increasing sales

Employ Content Marketing:

An informed customer can make better decisions and also values the company which provide him with enough information to enable him to evaluate things properly.

An effective content marketing strategy can attract, engage and inform the audience with the help of interactive content such as videos, infographics and blog posts etc.

Host high-quality content on your website which addresses customer’s questions and provides solutions to their problems.

A brand which takes content marketing seriously is uniquely positioned to serve its customers well. It can be a great way to guide and connect with them during every stage of the buyer’s journey and can enable them to move through the sales funnel.

Email marketing:

About 3 billion people around the world use email which amounts to 40% of the whole population. And the number of email users is steadily increasing every day with about 200 billion emails being sent daily and half of it is business oriented.

Emails have become a big part of people’s lives enabling them to connect with all the other social media platforms with just a click. Sending an email is not enough, you need to convert the leads into actual sales.

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This can be done by having an engaging and quality content along with a strong call to action. Also, you need to make it easy for people to do the specific actions you’d want them to take, such as fill out a form to get a complimentary guide, to sign up for a free trial, or call a specific number etc

Make sure your email is aesthetically good and with great colours. You will need to incorporate images, use bullet points, have short paragraphs and lines.

With these B2B marketing strategies, you will soon get success in your business.

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