How marketers can use AI to boost personalization in digital marketing

AI has increasingly evolved over the recent years, with tools even managing to pass the famed Turing test – a test devised to measure intelligence in machines by the English mathematician Allen Turing.

Today, AI tools are getting increasingly humanlike and help marketers deliver a more personalized experience.

Here are 5 ways in which AI can help boost personalization in digital marketing:

1. Transform big data into action:

Big data is practically useless without the ability to translate data insights into actionable business outcomes.

AI-driven predictive analytics tools and propensity modeling helps marketers use customer behavior insights to execute campaigns far more effectively than a traditional BI tool. AI-powered tools have algorithms that identify and recommend the ideal strategy to achieve the goal and automatically refine and personalize the campaign based on user responses.

With AI-powered tools like Google DoubleClick, marketers can start with a target audience, define the objectives and the end results.

The tool then recommends different strategies along with estimated cost for each approach. All you need to do is select the best strategy and upload the creative and set the campaign into motion.


2. Use of chatbots to give prospects/customers speedy service:

The last two years has seen an increased adoption of chatbots by cutting-edge organizations across the globe.

Chatbots are very popular with customers especially millennials who prefer text-based solution that’s speedy and yet personalized for all their interactions. According to 2016 Aspect Consumer Experience Index, 49% of respondents prefer conducting all customer service interactions via text, chat, or messaging app instead of with customer service agents.

Millennials’ preference for chatbots was the highest (54%) of any subgroup, indicating that businesses must consider these and other AI-powered tools for the long term.

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3. Tools to automate and optimize Ads:

Unlike SEO or content marketing initiatives, social media ads take far less time to deliver results, hence they are extremely popular with marketers.

Once you get your audience and the offer right with social media ads, it’s pretty much smooth sailing after that. But there is a learning curve, typically, most marketers go through long periods of split testing and refining their advertising skills before the best results are achieved and it can be quite expensive too.

Which is why marketers are increasingly using automation in their Ad bidding tactics. AI powered Adtech tools like AI Target, Reveal Bot, Zalster etc., allows you to analyze, optimize, personalize and scale social media marketing campaigns.

By optimizing top ad content in real time, these tools can help you save time and money.


4. Automate content creation: 

20% of all business content will be authored by machines by 2018 (Gartner). Marketers are already using tools to create content with simple rule sets and formats such as profit and loss summaries, quarterly business reports, hotel descriptions, real-time stock insights, sports game recaps etc.

Advancements in natural language powered content tools hold major potential for marketers, as it can make the work of content creators more efficient. In addition to content creation, AI-powered tools like Rocco can also recommend fresh social media content that your customers are likely to engage with.

5. Create highly personalized digital experiences to drive engagement and sales:

Today’s millennial customers expect organizations to provide highly personalized and seamless experiences across all channels. AI powered audience marketing tools can help you do that, while providing high click-through rates and sales.

Tools like Google Audience Solutions tracks the user’s activities across all your digital assets, it then combines it with other user data to identify best sales opportunities for relevant products and services. 

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The move towards marketing optimization has its greatest potential in AI. The possibilities of AI are many when it comes to marketing. With marketing decision makers increasingly implementing AI-powered decisions, the change is already here.

Artificial intelligence is certain to supply that level of unfathomable, natural personalization that today’s entitled consumers are already demanding.

Remember that every day you postpone using AI-powered solutions in your content marketing, you’re losing your competitive edge.

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