Hyderabad based startup LearnMor is on a mission to bring freedom to the process of learning

Great teachers make great human beings!

learnmor 1Inspired by above thoughts Tarun and Ekta founded LearnMor
, a Hyderabad based startup which is connecting incredible teachers with students and learners. LearnMor brings freedom to the process of learning by connecting teachers and students in a way never imagined before. Whether you want a maths tutor, a sports instructor or take guitar lessons for yourself or your children, LearnMor is the place to go.

LearnMor, brainchild of husband and wife duo, Tarun Mor and Ekta Bansal Mor is an on-demand service for home tutoring. LearnMor is also a portal for tutors to find students that are passionate to learn the subject they want to teach. It is an excellent resource for tutors to find students that they would never have had before. The first version of LearnMor.com was launched in January 2015. In less than 6 months they have over 1300 tutors on-boarded, with some successful student to tutor connections, with little or no marketing efforts. They have already managed to connect students with tutors and revenues have started coming-in.

In May 2014, LearnMor started as an idea during Tarun’s conversation with a tutor. This particular tutor had a lot of problem finding students whom she could teach to. On the other hand, Tarun had always wanted to learn how to play a guitar but, he could never find tutors who could teach him at his location and in his budget. That was the moment of epiphany for Tarun! He realized that there is an opportunity to build a platform that focuses on ‘connecting’ students and tutors so that it is easy for students to find tutors and vice-a-versa. Tarun could not resist sharing the idea with his wife Ekta. On that day, they discussed the idea until 4am and decided to further explore the opportunity.

Upon initial research and further exploring the opportunity, they found that India is the biggest market for private tutoring which is worth $23 billion. Globally, this market is expected to grow to over $100 billion by 2018.

In order to test the waters, Tarun and Ekta validated some of their initial assumptions by speaking to parents and tutors in India. They found lot of tutor listing services in the Indian market but, none of them were really successful in building student to tutor connections. In some cases, parents had to call about 50 tutors before anyone could be available to teach in their location and in their budget.

parentsSo, LearnMor was incubated with a unique matching algorithm which allows parents and students to see only 5 to 7 filtered tutor applications, with their background and experience. Parents and students can view tutors previous ratings and reviews, they can ask tutor further screening questions and request for demo classes before hiring them. LearnMor on its platform, provides all the smarts to ensure the tutor hiring process is seamless. tutors

Tarun Co-founder of LearnMor says that, “this is only a start! In future whenever you think of a teacher, you will think LearnMor. The company wants to grow 10x in the next 6 months and in 2 years, become the biggest platform in the home tutoring space.”

LearnMor – Easiest way to find tutors.

Find tutors in your location, budget and exact requirements

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