How This Indian startup Scaled to 65+ Countries – Knowlarity

In 2009, Knowlarity started work on its Knowlus cloud platform, which now lies at the heart of its various products.

That year was also when Knowlarity became resolute in turning into an affordable provider of call centre solutions–and Ambarish himself decided to focus on inbound call handling.

In 2010, with a team that was now 40-strong, Knowlarity expanded its focus to IVR applications, resulting in the creation of the Smart IVR service. This year also marked a moment that would change the course of Knowlarity’s history forever–the launch of their call conference/call centre product, Virtual Receptionist (now SuperReceptionist), which, over the years, has gained tremendous capabilities to become Knowlarity’s flagship product, an addition immensely close to their heart.

Able to communicate with customers, store and analyse data, and ensure that not a single call went missed, it became one of the most popular products offered by Knowlarity. ( Via )

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