Why to Buy something when you need that just once – Why not rent it.

Kazunga.com is your one-stop destination for renting things that you need for a short duration of time be it a long dress for a party, a ghaghra choli for navratra or fancy dress for your little ones.

Kazunga.comIt aggregates all the retailers and provides the customers a one-click solution for renting stuff they will only use once.

A customer doesn’t have to worry about going to rental stores, booking them for a specific date, picking the stuff up on the day of booking and returning it the next day. The customer can instead just go Kazunga and Kazunga will take care of everything from product options to delivery.

Ankur Priyadarshan (CEO), was working with a real estate major as an IT strategist where he got an opportunity to work on multiple things within the gamut of IT and process and then the desire to explore beyond IT took the better of himself.

kazunga startup storyAnkur was joined in his vision by a friend and colleague, Nishant Garg(COO) who was in a compliance strategy role with Citi Group earlier.

It’s been over 18 months now and they can clearly see himself wanting to do this for the rest of their lives.

In start, they were looking for a right starting point and found it in Navratra season. People rent elaborate ghaghras and Kedias during navratra season and they knew that there wouldn’t be any better time to launch their idea.

So they started spreading the word through their network of friends in corporates and were pleasantly surprised to reach a stage where they had to shut down their online bookings for shortage of inventory.

” A good idea, great execution and a team that loves to work together is all it takes.” Said Ankur in an Interview With Bizztor.

When asked about Enterpreneurship, he added candidly – “I am yet to figure out most of the stuff myself. But yes, entrepreneurship has its low moments but the highs are worth it.” 

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