Questions you should ask yourself before leaving a job for a startup

Having a company of our own is a dream but most of us end up having a corporate job in hand with a dependent family and lots of unfulfilled desires.

We always dream of being an entrepreneur buy why only a few are able to fulfill it, why only a group of some people are able to pursue their passion or live the life like they ever wanted it to be.

Why not you? Do you have a great plan to kick? Do you have the ability to make it possible? Do you want to start your own company? Are you capable of beating challenges? And are you able to stand strong against all the odds of a startup? Then what are you doing, go and pursue your dream and make yourself happy and proud.

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These days, people are m more and more towards starting their own startup, almost everyone has a dream of being an entrepreneur but they are stuck with the financial liabilities and corporate work structure.

If you really want to pursue your dream, if you really want to have something of your own then what are you waiting for? Have you made up your mind to leave your good enough job for a struggling startup?

If you are ready enough and planning to say goodbye to your corporate life then you have to make sure that you have the ability to be extremely flexible with limited resources.

Before pursuing further just look at the different aspects that motivate you towards a struggling startup.

Moving from a good job to a startup ain’t a thing for everyone. But those who prefer change, it’s a chance to prove themselves and the world what they can do and how big they can achieve with true dedication and motivation. It’s an opportunity to prove ability to start a business and make a dent in the universe.

But before taking this big step, you should be sure of what you are doing and what you have to do to achieve the goal. Before taking this long jump ask a few questions to yourself for complete satisfaction and motivation.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before taking the long jump

Can you deal with uncertainty?

Normally, in large organizations, there is a structure in place that assists in having predictability and consistency across a broad set of teams. Internal communications, product reviews, business reports and much more takes place in a formalized manner and scheduled time frame.

But on moving from corporate office to startup life, you will notice that things such as predictability are left behind and now you have entered into the volatile world where plan changes and so you.  The market will also show different aspects and to stand like a leader you have to show yourself as an energized personality who is able to create opportunities for changes.

The basic nature of the startup surrounds around changes and to deal with the same you should have gumption and agility through which you can embrace ambiguity whenever it arises.

Can you manage with fewer resources?

There is no doubt in saying that the large organization in which you were working holds a bigger budget and can offer multiple resources in need. But when it comes to startup you will always have limited resources to explore and tackle issues that can include the hiring of fewer candidates.

The basic concept is that when you are running a startup you have to be more careful about your funds and its use. You have to be incredibly thoughtful about how you spend your funds. To be effective in this area, you have to look for different measures to solve your issues using your creativity, instead of resources.

Can you handle full accountability of work?

When it comes to large corporate organizations, you can’t completely mask you work accountability but you can veil it up to an extent. It refers to be a negative thing about the big corporate environment is such that some people often get credit without doing anything and deserving one may not receive it.

When it comes to startup, the term accountability is very clear. Under the same, you know what exactly you have to do and for what you are responsible. All efforts, techniques, and plans that you put in your work take you towards the growth of your startup.

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You will feel really great when things go well but you should be ready to face the circumstances when things don’t go well. You should learn to take the charge of all responsibilities if you want your startup to run successfully. If you are fine with taking the charge and accountability of work then you are welcome to startup world otherwise it is better to avoid this lane.


No doubt, entering into the startup world is full of risky adventures and uncertainties but don’t forget life lie in uncertainty. Take a deep breath, use your skills, stick with values and fly high with your startup.

Don’t forget that flexibility and accountability are very important, just give your hundred percent to your work and you will get rewarded with the success of your startup.


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