How Your Job Can Prepare You for the Amazing Journey of Entrepreneurship – Infographic

Do you long to be an entrepreneur? Of course you do. Your own rules, flexible working hours, people working for you, and no office politics. Plus you get to do what you want to every day. When you tell others that you are an entrepreneur, their eyes instantly are filled with respect. What an awesome life!

Honestly, it’s not that awesome. Entrepreneurship might appear like a smooth highway, but in reality, is a winding potholed road which never ends.

When I quit the corporate world, many people said, “That’s so cool! I want to be an entrepreneur too!” But when asked what they would like to do, the common answer was, “I don’t know.”

Entrepreneurship is fatal if you jump into the far end of the ocean without learning how to swim. Yes, we are always learning. But some skills which you can imbibe on a job prepare you better for the journey. After all, entrepreneurship, like life, is about enjoying the journey – not just the end.

Below is an useful infographic if you want to become an entrepreneur. It will help you imbibe the skills needed on your job and also discover what you want to do.

Be an Entrepreneur Infographic


Yes, jobs are not fulfilling enough. But that does not mean that they cannot be used as platforms to prepare yourself for the road to being a good entrepreneur. Engage with people. Understand how processes work. Acquaint yourself with the details of building a business. Give it your best. Along with other skills, you will learn resilience, something needed in abundance to become a good entrepreneur.

Good luck on your journey. You know that we are rooting for you all the way.


Vishal Kataria is the founder of Aryatra, a platform dedicated to helping people become more productive and leading a better quality of life. He is also a content marketing consultant who helps businesses generate returns on their investment in online platforms.