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The Indian Entrepreneurship Summit

Every year, we find new ideas which grip our imagination and fill us with admiration for their developers. It is our responsibility as a revered institute’s entrepreneurship cell to provide students with a platform to present their ideas, to develop skills which would help them later in their careers as entrepreneurs or even otherwise, and to get a step closer to their dream.

biztorEsummit is IIT Kanpur’s annual entrepreneurship summit, where, every year, students from all around the country participate in various events and workshops, which are based on a general theme. This year, Esummit will resonate with the spirit of indigenous entrepreneurship.

From 26th to 28th August, E cell, IIT Kanpur will host competitions, workshops, panel discussions and a lot more. Let’s see what Esummit 2016 promises to offer.


Recently updated profession as entrepreneur on Facebook- Pitch your product and Upstart biz are events where one can showcase their product or even an idea of the kind of product one wishes to eventually sell. For details, go to 

The People’s person- Upstart SoCha convention and social pilot invite students to bring viable solutions to resolve problems faced our society, which is in dire need of entrepreneurs who come with a social silver lining. For more information on Upstart SoCha, go to

There will also be Decrypt, which requires you to analyse a case and give recommendations, and Stock the stock for budding traders.


  • If Donald Trump threatens to sue you- The legal aspects of start-ups will enlighten you about the legal framework that is required to establish a company and we all know it’s wise to be familiar with laws and regulation.
  • Active online presence- Digital marketing essentials is a workshop that will educate you in the ways of the internet and marketing so that your product website pops up in the right search.
  • Design thinking- This two-and-a-half-hour workshop will help you improve your creativity using mind games and get those creative juices flowing.

Other workshops include the internet of things, ethical hacking and android development.

There will be a networking session later as well.

Panel discussions and speakers- 

Esummit invites various eminent speakers and entrepreneurs to introduce student entrepreneurs to the entrepreneurial school of thought and to motivate them with their anecdotal speeches.

This year, Esummit boasts of more than 20 speakers, including Saket Modi, ethical hacker and CEO of Lucideus, Pramod Saxena, CEO and Co- founder of oxygen services, Sanjeev B., Founder of and, Rajeev Sodhi, Managing director of Godaddy, and many more.

Esummit 16, the Indian Entrepreneurship summit is less than two weeks away, so

Get READY- because there will never be a better time.

STEADY your ground- because that is the key.

START-UP! – because that is what will count.

Team Bizztor

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