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IIT-Guwahati lads launches CarPM app to make car owner’s lives a little easier

To curb rising pollution level in the national capital, the Delhi government has decided to introduce odd-even scheme starting from January 1. A trial of the scheme will run till January 15. You can imagine the impact of this scheme on Delhi’s public transport system when nearly 10 lakh cars will have to stay off Delhi roads. Despite all the efforts from the government to mitigate this (they’ve promised to add 6,000 buses for this period), thousands of people will be affected daily.

Since Delhi’s public transport is not built to sustain this sudden increase in usage, CarPM have come up with a way to help Delhiites beat both traffic and congestion woes and ensure a comfortable ride in the following days.

CaRPM’s aim is to make car ownership more affordable and in light of these steps taken by the Delhi Govt., they want to make the lives of car owners easier by providing them a platform where they can find travel partners for the duration of this experiment and analyze the impact of this experiment on Delhi’s air quality.

CaRPM1Founded by Abhishek Maitreyi, Ankit Yadav, Lovish Choudhary and Jeevan Rathod– CaRPM’s Android app also connects car owners to their car, providing them any and every bit of information that can help them save money on their car’s running cost. This includes information such as the car’s overall health, its day-to-day performance, fuel cost analysis, trip details, fault codes detection and other maintenance related information. CaRPM also has linked itself with local car repairing and servicing centres to tell its users when their cars need what service, the most.

The app comes with an OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) scanner; most of the Indian cars manufactured after 2010 and foreign manufactured cars after 1996, comes with an OBD device to track emissions. The app uses this technology to scale more information about the vehicle and informs the user about the same.

How they are solving the pain point for Odd-Even Rule?

If you visit and tell them where you are traveling, they will find a partner for you that’s going to or near the same destination. This way, people can find a fixed commute partner till January 15th and save themselves a lot of trouble.

Here’s how to find your commute partner- 

  • Login at – We want to ensure that you know who you are traveling with
  • Fill in your details- Even or Odd? Where are you going to, and from where?
  • And done! Just choose who you want to travel with.
  • Apart from convenience, they’ve added a security layer as well to ease people’s minds.

Hope odd-even rule from Govt. will be effective and people from Delhi will able to see more fresh air in these days.






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