How to Start Your Own Business While in College in India

Are you a student and want to start your own business while in college?

Starting your business/ startup from college can be a huge learning for the students for one simple reason: It will equip you with right skill set and experience which will help you in becoming a successful Entrepreneur.

Do you want to start?

I am going to show you how you can start your first venture while being a full-time student and start making a good earning.


This surely helps you in bringing the dreams true?

It is also extremely easy to implement and start without much risks involved in it.

In fact, you can start it within few days without much external help.

Sounds Good?

In this post, I tried to put everything together you need to know on ” How To Start Your Own Business While In College “

What Will You Learn: 

How to start your Business from college.

How you can networking to grow your startup

What are low-cost ways to promote your business

What you need to do make it sellable.

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Ready to Dive into it. Let’s Go:

Believe me, this is the best time to start.

Even I believe that every student who wants to an entrepreneur must start a business while studying in college.

First of all, you need to ask yourself -What you need to start and Why?

Is there a problem you see around which you can solve or can provide a better solution than the existing one?

If Yes is the answer then you are ready to launch your first startup.

Now the things come is Money.

Trust me you do not need much money to start something. All you need is idea, dedication, passion, and solution to a problem.

When I launched my first startup back in 2010, I was a full-time student and within a year I sold that for $70,000.

Do you know How much I spent while starting? Just $10 ( to Buy hosting and domain ).

Try any of these web hosting: Blue Host – Host Gator –  Ipage Hosting 

You can do the same, in the digital era, you only need a website which you can get for 1000 rupee.

Now once you decided that you are ready to go on this roller coaster of entrepreneurship, You need to plan it.

starting a small business in college

You do not need a multipage business plan at this stage but yes you need to note down the things you need to do to successfully launch it along with deadlines.

Trust me, this simple task will make your life much easier and will keep you on track to make it happen in time. 

Now Find what you going to start – Say Social Media Marketing, or selling a product on marketplaces and so on. ( We will do another session on what businesses can students can start while in college ).

Now you have the ideas and website done. ( You can also read this guide on How to start a small business in 7 Simple Steps )

Finding First Few Customers:

Now it’s time to find your first customer. Reach to them – use social media, emails or call them.

Social media had made is very easy to reach out to your potential customers with very low budget or you can directly reach out to them with promoting your business in right groups on Facebook and LinkedIn or connecting over Twitter.

You can also use emails to reach out to them ( Please do not spam them, write a personalized email with brief information about you, your offering and how it will help them).

Try to understand their pain and offer them a solution. Kepp your customer pain at center.

Once you get the first customer then the only thing you need to do is to multiply it.

business ideas for students in university

Start Networking:

Start making connections with some of the successful entrepreneurs around you to learn on how to scale this up.

Reach out to mentors and fix a meeting with them, learn from their experiences.  learn from watching online videos and other valuable pieces of advice from entrepreneurs.

Put this learning into your business to find new ways of customer acquisition, ways to improve processes, improve efficiency.

At end of the month, when you make money, put an amount back in the business, might be in marketing or product development or wherever you find it suitable.

Following this process will teach you many business lessons and skills. if everything works well you will join it full time after college.

or If you fail, you learn.

Important: Make sure you start first without much worrying about other things.

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Wrapping it up: 

If you have that passion to start, Don’t wait. Just start.

You can decide on which stage of college you need to start as it may affect your studies but trust me you can continue your studies while running your business.

If you think that this post can help in getting your startup launched from college, Do not forget to share it. 

How to Start Your Own Business While in College in India

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