How to Make Money Online in India – 9 Ways to Start With Low Investment

One of the most common queries new Internet-savvy people ask is ” How to Make money online.” So today with the help of this post, we are sharing some of the ideas and showing you on how to earn money online.

I left my full-time job back in 2012 to start something my own.( Which I started after my startup acquihired in 2010 ). It was a journey with full of ups and downs.

Two of my online businesses were successful and helped me earn over one crore in last few years and one was big failure resulting in great losses.

So I have an idea on how to make money online.

Different people have different approached for their career and increasing internet penetration had opened many ways to make money online.

So what’s stopping you from making money online?

What will you find in the Post?

With this post, you will find:

1. How to Make Money Online
2. How to earn money from Internet with low Investment
3. How to start from Zero
4. Ideas that will work in India and you can start from today.
5. How to make a sustainable income from online

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Let’s check the ideas to Make Money Online

These ideas can be started with low investment and based on what many other people using to make money online.

1) Start a niche blog

Have you heard of these Indian bloggers like Harsh Aggarwal, Jitendra Vaswani who make more than 20Lakhs per month with blogging?

It is definitely not an easy task to reach that stage but with dedication and execution, this can be achieved.

how to make money online

When you start blogging, be sure to write about a profitable niche that you are not only familiar with but one that you have a passion for, one that you can see yourself writing about for years to come; it could be anything from food to travel.

More importantly, select the right domain and tailor your blog to your target audience with relevant and timely content.

Once it gets going, which could take a while so some patience is of the essence, you could sell advertising space and eBooks or even develop a subscription course in the area of your expertise.

Word of caution, however, have multiple sources of blogging income, don’t be over-reliant on a single stream.

To start with blogging, you only a domain and hosting ( which cost less than 200 INR per month ).  

Try any of these web hosting: Blue Host  Host Gator   Ipage Hosting 


2) Embrace online marketplaces

Where do you buy products online these days in India?

It must be one of these – Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm, Snapdeal, Myntra or might be some another Niche website.

how to earn money online

You can source a product from a manufacturer in bulk and start selling on the marketplaces.  these products could be as simple as toys, art, clothes you name it.

Once you have listed these products on the marketplaces, You can start promoting those free on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networks.

However, you could also turn to a professional sales platform like FBA (fulfilled-by-Amazon) to sell your product.

And you don’t necessarily have to create a product as you could also sell used stuff lying around in the house with no use like old furniture, clothes you’ve outgrown and whatnot.

3) Working as a freelance writer

Do you have a penchant for writing and the skills to match?

Well, there are numerous platforms that offer you a means to turn your writing hobby into a substantial paycheck.

make money online

The world of freelancing writing is quite cut-throat but once you build a reputation as a quality and reliable content creator, then your earnings could soar through the roof.

The best websites to get writing jobs that actually pay include Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer and iWriter.

However, freelance work doesn’t pay very well at the beginning as, naturally, it takes time to build a good name.

So when you start out focus more on quality and working your way up the ranks than making money.

4) Affiliate marketing


Numerous companies are on the lookout for online salespeople to promote their products and brands hence why they turn to affiliates.

The job of an affiliate is to simply pitch the manufacture’s commodities to an audience and earn a share of the cut from earnings accruing from the referral links.

Affiliate marketing is particularly fruitful if you have a considerable social media presence or a fairly successful blog.

You don’t need to have a god-like following to be eligible as there are a host of companies that are quite receptive even if you don’t command quite a lot of traffic. These include Ebates, Sharesale and Stylinty.

5) Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube presents a fun and innovative way to make ends meet. You can monetize videos that you upload showcasing a talent, art, something extraordinary or even a series tutorial on an aspect people are unfamiliar with.

It doesn’t have to be something glamorous and it could be as simple as taking people through the ropes of house sales or common troublesome areas of school work.

Think outside the box and make creative and engaging videos so as to build your following to maximize earnings. You can make money from YouTube through funded promotions, affiliate marketing and advertising at large.

Moreover, once your channel picks, you can also earn complimentary income as a YouTube partner or through the platform’s service.

6) Be a virtual employee

The employment scene has been greatly revolutionized with the advancement of the internet age resulting in the creation of new roles where people can work remotely as virtual employees.

Some of the more common virtual positions include customer care roles and data entry jobs. Try out companies like TeleTech, Amazon, LiveOps, Sutherland and Working Solutions if you’d like a virtual role in customer care.

Data entry is the simplest form of virtual employment as most of the time all you’re required to do is just that: enter data.

However, complimentary duties might include proofreading, code capturing and formatting. AccuTran Global, Invensis and Capital Typing are excellent options for data entry jobs.

7) Work as a digital marketing assistant

Being a digital marketing assistant is yet another answer to the old age question that is how to make money online.

Companies and brands usually don’t have a lot of time on their hands and as such are on the hunt for basically someone who will find the most profitable digital marketing solution for their business.

If you know your way around the nitty gritty of social media marketing with regards to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter among others, then you could try your hand on platforms like Upwork that has countless such jobs.

SEO consultancy is a particularly rewarding aspect of digital marketing assistance to specialize in as there are many companies lining up for an SEO guru.


8) Create your own E-commerce store and brand

If you’re not too keen on the idea of someone else handling the sale of your product then why not take on the role of the store owner?

And you can do just that by creating your own store with Shopify e-commerce.

It offers the perfect arena to do business and what’s more, it also suggests plenty of simple products to sell if you’re short on ideas.

Most importantly, Shopify eCommerce can also be the springboard upon which to launch your very own customized brand.

For all your supply needs, you can simply enlist the services of reputable and experienced manufactures and simply add a slick, stylish label to cap offer readymade products.

9) Ad clicking and taking surveys

Online jobs most certainly don’t get any simpler than these. The work would basically entail, as the name suggests, viewing and clicking ads in view of attaining some financial incentives.

This particular means of making money online isn’t as paying as its counterparts but you can still rack in considerable income by signing up to many Paid-to-Click platforms such as NeoBux, Paidverts and ClixSense.

Well paying surveys are in abundance on websites such as Survey Downline, Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks.

The surveys are usually simple and cover a range of topics from politics to sports and anything in between. Such websites also encompass other earning avenues in the form of special offers and tasks.

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