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How SuggestMyChoice is an innovator in the assisted buying space

A person generally changes his mobile phone every two years, he/she talks to his/her friends and family, visits stores and talks to the sales person and then looks at reviews of websites that sell the phones; but still doesn’t find the phone that he/she is really looking for. Consumers are tired of either over engineering their purchases or end up buying what the retailer is pushing on to them.

Let’s say you are looking at a smartphone in the price range 10k to 15k. At this point in time, after your research online, you would have realized there are just too many choices available here. Making the right choice seems difficult, because all of them have just the specifications you are looking at. So, what to buy? Should you go for a brand, or for the specifications, or the two? Without good suggestions, you end up either spending too much or buying sub-optimal products that don’t meet your requirements accurately.

That’s where Suggestmychoice comes into picture.

In an attempt to make buying decisions easier for you, Nishil Prasad founded along with Len Vaz last year. Suggestmychoice is your assistant when it comes to picking the right gadgets or devices that would fit your bill as well as your need. SuggestMyChoice patent pending algorithm analyzes numerous parameters regarding the consumer’s usage patterns to offer accurate buying suggestions.

suggestmychoice“Making a wrong choice of a product is getting costly for people and we want to help them save their money and at the same time not to compromise on their requirements,” said Nishil Prasad, CEO and Co-founder of Suggestmychoice.

Nishil and Len spent five months to develop this algorithm which can detect user activities and understands their preferences and therefore can suggest the best choice.  The main challenge for them was to make people understand that this is not a comparison website rather it’s a website that understands your needs and from that does suggest you with the best alternative including features and price.

Here’s How Suggestmychoice works?

Suggestmychoice faces tough competition from Price Comparison websites as they have been there and growing popularity since 2011. As per Nishil, these websites only show a price comparison whereas Suggestmychoice not only gives you best prices but also gives the best suggestion to the user by asking some questions and understanding the users’ needs.

The startup which raised an angle round from AMS investment led by Mehul Shah is now looking for a seed investment of $100k to scale up the business. Their plan for the future is to expand the platform over 13 more categories such as Refrigerators, TV, AC and laptops,etc. They are almost done with the data updating and planning of laptops and AC.

teamThis pre-revenue startup earns only through affiliation with online shopping sites and advertisements. They are mainly focused on bringing more users to our websites and plans to attract more than 200,000 users for their website till 2017.

In a time and age loaded with choices, a digital buying assistant is definitely a relief. What do you have to say about this? If you want to buy a laptop or mobile or tablet, and don’t know which one to buy, reach out to Suggestmychoice.

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