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Have a fit start to 2016 with FitMeIn

fitmeinFitness is a compelling topic these days with a mass wave of personal wellness improvement taking over the Indian society. In the hullabaloo of information and innovation, a bright young team has come up with a path breaking solution of workouts to fit in with time and convenience of an individual. FitMeIn is a start up that has dared to usurp the monotony of exercise routines at one station.

Launched in June 2015, FitMeIn was co-founded by Nidhisha VarshneyLalit Singh and Vishesh Goel, and is an online connector between fitness studios and users. FitMeIn offers an innovative plug and play concept of Fitcoins, and is steadily replacing the burden of expensive annual fitness memberships. Using Fitcoins, users can book their preferred fitness sessions in multiple fitness studios/gyms for an entire week through the online portal. FitMeIn has successfully proffered an alternative to beating gym repetition, as well as raised $100K in seed funding from Green House Ventures. The platform has also been selected for GHV Accelerator’s 12-month acceleration program.

fitmein team

Fitmein team (Nidhisha Varshney, Lalit Singh and Vishesh Goel)

FitMeIn is available on iOS or with Google Play Store and also as a web app application. The app aims to be highly content driven to create a community of fitness enthusiasts. Apart from including the main features of virtual currency for workouts and connecting users to desired fitness spaces, FitMeIn is also broadening their gamut by launching more features for both existing and new users. These services include:

  • Dieticians:Each user will be able to get a free consultation with a dietician plus an on call service where users can utilise their fitcoins to consult the dietician on what to eat to keep fit
  • Trainers at Home: Now users can avail of this option if they cannot make it to their class on a given day. The class comes to the user’s home.

fitmein bannerFitMeIn has successfully replaced the mundane aspect of one stop exercise by giving users options and flexibility to choose from over 350 exciting and upcoming workouts including Zumba, Bolly Dancing, Aerobics, and Aerial Yoga to Tabata and HIIT. This young entrepreneurial team has ushered in a fresh and sustainable fitness wave in the country. FitMeIn currently covers Delhi, Gurgaon and rest of NCR, with a presence in Mumbai, where an upcoming launch will take place in 2016. This exciting new opportunity is available for users at FitMeIn.

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