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Who doesn’t have confusions in life, but again, confusions are good, they are a start to something exciting and challenging in our lives. Is IT career the right field for me? Which educational course would be suitable for my skill set? What is the right career path for me, should I go abroad for my higher education? Where should I be investing? Should I go for my MBA right after graduation or gain some work experience first? One wrong decision and it will impact you for the rest of your life.

career guidanceGood career guidance has never been more important. That’s why Aman Singh, Kasturi Sharma, Nehal Khan and Ruhi Mansha founded GUIDIC that enables you to find verified experts to talk to from different fields of career and education and receive guidance to resolve your confusions and take better, informed decisions.

Speaking on the startup idea Aman Singh said, “Confusions in career or education – we have been there just like you. We, like you, have always depended on our friends, colleagues or family members or turned to the Internet for answers regarding our career or education. However that always brought in more confusion with different perceptions from so many sources – after so much time and effort. It made us wish that there was a platform where we could find and connect with experts to talk about confusions and seek guidance. That is when we realized that there is hardly any platform to connect people with confusions and here is our opportunity to build the platform ourselves so that peoples lives can become easier. That is how we came up with GUIDIC.”

logoGUIDIC stands for ‘GUIDance In Confusion’. GUIDIC is the first organization in India to bring you career and education guidance through experts who are working professionals. They have 40+ verified experts and alumnus of IIT, IIM, XLRI, NID, NIFT and more. For example, if a student was looking to pursue design but his parents do not want the kid to pursue that because they do not know anything about design and its opportunities. They allow them to connect to an industry professional in design who can guide them with opportunities and other stuff.

The startup also help people with various other services like Resume Writing, Interview preparation and will shortly be starting with assessments.

“For every service that we offer, be it guidance sessions or resume writing or interview preparation, we charge a booking fee from the customer. Most of our experts participate in our cause for a social benefit of giving back to the society and mentoring the younger generation. But we also share our profits with our experts on a monthly basis. We will slowly move to tie up with institutions like schools, colleges, coaching institutes where we can provide our high quality to their students and professionals alike on a mass scale,” said  Kasturi Sharma.

“We are slowly turning to become profitable. Last month, we broke even. So hopefully, this month we will make profit. We receive on an average 200 visits to the site daily along with 15-20 enquiries for guidance every day. Since we are bootstrapping, we have limited budgets. We have more than 20% growth month on month in the number of visitors and our revenue seems to grow faster than that,” said Nehal Khan.

On Goals & Visions Ruhi Mansha said , “Our Goal is to aid a person in every step of his professional and learning life starting from the age of 14. So be it career guidance or assessments or resume writing or interview preparation, we aim to add value to this process. We also plan to motivate people to learn and grow through out their careers and we will develop innovative and effective ways to do that.”

Bootstrapped right now, Bangalore based startup is looking out for active partners who understand our vision and are ready to help us with that.

Building a business in India where people are mostly skeptical about new things is a tough task. Well, the field that they are in has no definitive competitive landscape as the field itself is evolving and it still not mature. On one hand, they are fighting with coaching institutes who promise great results to students irrespective of their capabilities and on the other hand, they are competing with established portals like Naukri etc who offer resume writing and other such services.

Confused about your career, talk to an expert from GUIDIC.


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