A Guide To What Motivates Millennials At Work

A Guide To What Motivates Millennials At Work.

At Quikchex, we’re always looking to hire young, enthusiastic and passionate individuals. Most of them are straight out of college with little or no experience.

A lot has been written about Millennials in social media describing them as lazy, daydreaming liberals whose dreams and aspirations are often castles made on clouds.

April will see the class of 2016 enter the workforce in India. But are organizations ready for them?

This class has seen to be born between technological advancements where they’ve seen dial up internet with bulky desktops to Wi-Fi on tablets that came as cheap as 1500 Rupees(courtesy –Aakash Tablets).  They’ve seen socio-political turmoil such as the Gujarat riots in their country and worldwide political unrest after ISIS.


They now long for peace, equality and enriching experiences to help make the world they live in a little better. Entering the workforce is scary for these recent graduates whose world is on their fingertips.

This anxiety would be for organizations too. How would you know what these young workers expect out of the organization but also work towards fulfilling these expectations. You may hire them with a big pay cheque and fancy job responsibilities, but what is it that millennials want out of their first jobs and what motivates them.

Here are 8 things most millennials long for in their careers-

Work-life balance is important

Millennials are all about living life to the fullest. Work is priority but leading a balanced lifestyle with an active social life is very important to them. Unlike their parents, millennials today know that balancing between careers and family, friends is the way to live life to the fullest and not miss out on the best years of their life because they were too busy trying to get that coveted promotion.

Career growth is more important than job stability

Ambitious risk takers that they are, they care more about their career graph with a challenging job roles rather than a stable career. No wonder we see so many of our fresh graduates opting to work for a startup instead of big corporation.

Monetary compensation in the early period of their careers is not as important as exciting job roles

Millennials wants exciting job roles that add value to the company. They want to be able to make a difference in their organization even if that means that they have to let go of high monetary compensation.

Dynamic job roles to kill monotony at the workplace

Young workers want to get dynamic job roles that are not only challenging but ever changing. They love it when they get more responsibilities and various projects to work on early on in their career that gives them more exposure.

Opinions are heard

Millennials are an opinionated generation. They have a lot to say even if it is about an argument that’s happening on social media. They expect their employer to listen to their feedback and ideas.

Creativity and skills development

The young workforce is very much inspired by the startup culture in India that is idea-driven, learning-oriented and autonomous of the corporate jargon. Twenty-something’s today want to be part of a culture that embraces creativity and innovation. Work for them should not just be a place where employees give their expertise on areas of business but also learn and share the same from their co – workers.

Healthy work relationships between co –workers

Office politics are archaic in today’s times. An office environment that is nurturing and bringing colleagues together is what the young workforce is looking for. While we spend most of our day at work, no one wants to be pit against their colleague for work projects and promotions.



Millennials want to be autonomous in terms of when, where or how they want to work. Although they know it won’t always be possible in every type of workplace, flexibility in work timings is very popular among workers because it gives them a sense of freedom in terms of the way they want to go about completing tasks.

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