Friends for benefit? MNC & Start-ups

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startups &  mnc

Ever since the launch of the Make In India initiative, Start-up is a term that has been trending a lot. And when I say trending, I do not mean just Start-up, people are actually following it everywhere, from an Idea in a mind to a successful entrepreneur stories in business magazines that get published every other day, it has become omnipresent.

For a person, who doesn’t like the typical 9 to 5 job, loves taking risks and hasa unique business idea, start-up can become a platform for him to begin a new adventure. While in a country with high unemployment rates, a fresher can find excellent job opportunity in start-ups wherein he can learn and gain some valuable experience before he goes for the bigger corporates (MNCs).

startups & mncNevertheless, it is not just the solo individuals, who are interested in start-ups, since various big corporates and MNCs also have their eyes set up on the start-ups, as they are proving to be of great use to them. Thus, you may come across various scenarios where you may find both the big and the small business worlds inter-crossing each other’s way.

Benefits of a Start-Up for a MNC

  • Experienced Employees: While working in a start-up, an employee gets a lot to learn loads of things such as multi-tasking, end-to-end task management, etc. Moreover, an employee spending a good amount of time in a start-up indicates his loyalty for his company. Furthermore, not all the employees of a start-up company receive fat paychecks. Hence, considering all these factors, the big fishes keep drooling for such skilled employees.
  • Fresh Ideas: Every mind has its own way to see and perceive things. Many entrepreneurs design brilliant ideas for their start-ups. Now, these Ideas open up new doors of possibilities for big corporates and they try implementing these ideas on a larger scale with their substantial amount of funding, which can even help them solve their age-old knots.
  • Inexpensive Products: Business is all about the more you earn. As start-ups have to keep their prices to minimal, while providing the best service so that they can build clients and reputation. The big corporate companies are also benefited by this, as they can easily get the products at a far less cost than from buying it from an already set business vendor.
  • Finally, takeover; As if employees, ideas and products were not enough, sometimes the biggies decide to take over the whole start-up itself for themselves.A well-planned and managed start-up can prove to be of great threat to various big corporates, as it may affect their sales, services and market reputation. To avoid this, big players may acquire start-ups or tie up with them. Wherein not only the competition ends, but also the company gets more customers from its new little member.

To conclude, I would like to add that, it is not like that the big corporates always take stuffs away from SMBs. A top-notch company seeking a start-up, for employees, ideas, products or any other kind of tie-ups, eventually boosts the reputation of the company, which in turn brings in more fresh talents. In addition to that, many big corporates also provide the much-needed financial aid to potential start-ups as for their own benefit or for the future of the nation as whole. And thereby building a unique relation between the two of them.

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