Five Mistakes New E Commerce Sites Should NEVER Do!


ecommerceE Commerce has already taken over the way world functions. Everything can be bought and sold online now, thanks to the local online outreach that many businesses have these days. If you are planning on starting an E Commerce business, you are a bubble of excitement. You are just about to offer something to the world that changes the way things happen.

After having worked with several of the E Commerce clients while deploying content, I have realized that there has been a plenty of learning. This is not just about branding or content, but also about the various blunders that E Commerce players commit while trying to extend their social presence.

Let us look at the five great mistakes the E Commerce set ups should never do, considering the wrong manifestation directly hitting the end consumer market!

Replicated Branding

You may be the next Flipkart or Snapdeal waiting to happen, but this essentially does not mean that you have to emulate the same style of branding for your business. While trying to enter the tier A market competition, you would have already set aside some of the ground breaking USP s. Then why replicate the same branding strategy all over again? Ensure that you adapt newer and smarter ways of branding while promoting your business and not go back to the old school because it worked then. The tier A players will stay. But what have you planned on new to establish your portal?

Over hyped Pre Launch and Delayed Release Date

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes that I have seen my clients commit. You have your business ready with UAT passing with flying colours. You are ready to launch your product or service but waiting for momentum to pick up with the pre-launch buzz. Most E Commerce platforms usually think up a soft launch that is steadied with boosted social presence later on. Some have the celeb press conferences happening way before the actual release date. It has to be understood that the time frame between the pre and the actual launch should be not more than 15 days. The curiosity and the excitement will die down among the target segment when the time lapses beyond. Do not overhype prior to the release and do not delay the launch.

Confusing the Business DNA on Social Media

Stick to what you sell, follow the time tested veteran strategy. The businesses that are about to enter into the big game of E Commerce are usually pepped with adrenaline. While promoting the taglines, product and what’s coming, make sure that you stick to the DNA of what you are about to launch. Do not confuse the actual product with some other updates while bombarding the social media. The consumers will ultimately fail to understand what you are really about to offer and start looking elsewhere to shop. You already know that there are plenty of competitors waiting to grab your market. Plan properly.

Reluctance to Freebies and hefty coupons in Phase 1

You are about to start your online portal, which means that there has to be a reason why a shopper needs to come check out your business. Have flexibility to throw a bait that talks about hefty offers and free coupons. Shoppers will come for those freebies and if you are not willing to give them that, there is no reason why they should stay on your website for even a minute. Keep a budget aside in your business plan that showers offers and discounts that customers cannot refuse. You will soon have dedicated users.

Not Making Your Business Engaging

Your marketing strategy should be constantly evolving in order to grow in the tight B2C market. Make your online shop engaging, exciting and worthy of talking about. Spend more time researching on what your target market currently lacks and what you can offer better. Do not enter into the game without a due preparation of acquiring the market. The investor who you may approach later on will also be interested in how your business was conducted throughout, garnering sizable sales to boast about.

Harnessing and raising an E Commerce business is like a setting a shop in a real time scenario. Do what it really takes to keep the customers visiting and sales moving. Think in lines of your audience, all the time.

Originally published at on February 28, 2016.

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