87 Interesting Stats on Growth of Fintech Over 100 Years

fintech growth

Fintech is Impacting the human lives in big way and shaping the way financial institutions operate.

It is changing the way how people do transactions, it is Impacting the banking, consumer transactions and payments most.

And proof if in front of you in form of companies like Ant Financial, Paytm, Transferwise are part of our daily lives.

Over, 1,300 senior financial and FinTech executives told PwC about the impact of FinTech and emerging technologies on Financial services, and what it means for your organisation, your industry and your territory. See the Graph below.

PWC Fintech report

According to same report, Startups are likely to be the most disruptive in the next 5 years.

Carsurance.net Shared this infographics showing the numbers and Interesting stats about this booming Industry and startup trend globally, starting from 1918 to 2018

fintech growth stats


If you are a startup working in Fintech, these stats will surely add value to your research.

We would like to hear your views and any interesting stats you have about Fintech. Please do share via comments.

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