How FastFox , A Home rental technology Company is disrupting the Market

Fast Fox transforming the way people rent home. Fastfox aggregates all the rental home options in the city. Based on 108 data points for each house, and customer profile, Fastfox’s advance AI throws out the best options for customer and unlocks the chosen houses for their visit.

Customers can use the Fastfox App to visit all options themselves. If they are ready to close, Fastfox helps them with everything. is the destination to choose from thousands of residential homes available for rent. Tenants can check photos and in-depth information about the home and its vicinity, Visit a home and finalise.  It’s the fastest way to rent a home.

$32Bn  / year is the amount Indians pay home rentals for their homes.  This market continues to grow rapidly as more people are choosing to rent against buy. Yet, this large industry remains ill served with unreliable service providers, broken user experience and is untouched by technology.

We are changing that with a completely new way to rent home!

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