Exceptional Qualities Of Business Professionals That Make Them Successful

A person becomes can only become a successful person when he/she is known by the traits he/she bears. Exceptional business professionals are rare to see, they overcome the challenges by developing the wisdom needed to surmount the stress, traumas and by shifting the responsibility to change the business world that sends their way.

Surely we have come across some blunt, impolite, and at times rude people who have made it big in the business world and successful, but since we are all likely to build professional and personal relationships and do business with those people we are naturally drawn towards those who are humble, polite, kind and agreeable. In short, those who are charming.

Here are some of the exceptional qualities of the successful business professionals and here is how they do it:

They always show they are genuinely glad to business needs
When you feel the other person is respecting your opinion, shows interest in your point of view and your experience to whatever you are communicating then you naturally feel important. The other person doesn’t have to agree with you but they show that they respect you. How? They maintain eye contact, they smile when you smile and nod their head when you nod – the gestures say it all. They mimic your gestures not slavishly but they are focused on what you are saying.

They use the power of touch
The touch hasn’t to be only in one sense – non-sexual touch can be incredibly powerful. Touch easily influences people and increases the chances of compliance. Make the person doing the touching seems to be more friendly and attractive. Say you are congratulating someone, like shaking hands or patting them gently, can reinforce the sincerity of your words.

They are masters of social jit jitsu
Successful business professionals have a knack for getting you to talk openly about yourself. This is very uncommon trait that a professional comes with. They are eager about the person and ask open-ended questions. They are interested to know what you think that makes you open up to a surprising degree.

They are great with remembering the names
If there is anything worse than that sinking feeling one gets when he/she forgets someone’s name, especially the name that you should be remembering well. To remember people’s name, as well as small details, is one of the exceptional qualities of business professionals. The fact that they remember instantly the names makes a person feel special and cared.

They always pass that “Waiter-test”
Some business professionals put up a big show in certain situations. This is in common language referred as waiter test. If you really want to know how an individual treats people, take him/her to lunch/dinner and see how that person interacts with a waiter. This will give a clear indication of his/her interpersonal skills.

Charming people likes to treat everyone in the same way and offers respect and kindness. They already know, but are eager to learn what you know.

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