How This Entrepreneur Sold his Startup for $850 million & Bought Back for $ 1 Million

Like the Dell founder Michael Dell and Apple cofounder Steve Jobs, this entrepreneur Joins tech execs who have returned to save their businesses

Michael Birch  & his wife Xochi Birch

Today, we are sharing a story of a startup which was sold for $850 million and bought it back for $1 million in 5 years. 

We are talking here about the startup Called Bebo.

Bebo was launched by  Michael Birch  & his wife Xochi Birch in 2005 with almost nothing.Both have co-founded a number of technology companies before Bebo. But the team at Bebo played an important role in making it that big.

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story of bebo

After the 3 years of launch, both sold Bebo to AOL for $850 million.The Birches’ 70% stake in Bebo yielded a profit of $595 million.  After the acquisition, Bebo started to struggle amidst increasing competition from rivals like Facebook and Twitter.

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In July 2013, five years after AOL bought Bebo, Birch bought the company the founded back from digital media investors Criterion Capital Partners, who bought it from AOL for less than $10 million. Birch paid just $1 million (£760,000), saying that he planned to reinvent Bebo into something new.

Bebo Now is all-in-one streaming software with an amazing community.

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