Entrepreneurs at 61 – Gurgaon Couple setting an example with Sukhivastra

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Is there any right age for a startup? Entrepreneurs have different opinions on this.  But we must admit that there is no age restrictions for starting something.

After reading this inspiring story of Sukhbir Singh Rathee ( Retired Civil Eng from HUDA ), you will surely say that there is no age limit of starting up something.

sukhivastraSukhbir Singh Rathee who is now 63 with his Wife Mrs. Santosh Rathee ( 62) started their venture sukhivastra not to make living out of it but to explore the skills of Mrs. Rathee (making good garments).

With one Daughter & two Sons, both Working and married, It was a different experience to start something with a dream at this stage of life ( where many of us rather choose an easy life with pensions )

Duo came up with name Sukhi Vastra ( Comfort clothes, happy clothes ). With an Exclusive Interview with Bizztor, Mr. Rathee had pointed out few things:

1. How it started: What made you start at this age?

My wife Mrs. Santosh rathee did say to me to start our SukhiVastra online business of clothing and as a perfect partner I find this thing very interesting and said yes in first Instant.

2. Is there anything which inspired you, Who advised you to start?

Basically, nobody did inspire us, only to have something of our interest and challenging this E-commerce business we started.

3. What are main challenges you are facing with your startup? 

No challenges are being faced except for the non-availability of trained and hardworking craftsman in the market.

4. What are your future plans to scale ( grow ) your business?
Mainly our future plans are there only to grow more and more production and to increase our business as like other big players e.g. Flipkart, Shopclues etc. Also, core values like a great product and customer service need to be fulfilled for each customer.

5. Is there anyone who is helping you to run day to day activities ( like order management, shipping, customer service etc).
We have started this business only by two persons me and my wife. In addition to above, we got our IT consultant.

6. Any advice you want to give to young Entrepreneurs ( startups ):

I will convey my best wishes to all our Young Entrepreneur to be an extra hardworking and disciplined citizen of India. Let’s Make India a Better Place & contribute as much you can.

So does age matter for entrepreneurial success?  No, age in itself does not matter in trying to forecast entrepreneurial success.  But, experience does, and often times, that comes with age.  And, smart entrepreneurs that lack experience, can offset that by surrounding themselves with experienced mentors.

At what age did you start your first business? When wouldn’t it have been possible for you to juggle the demands of a startup with a personal life? Let us know your story in the comment section below. 

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