10 Actionable Tips for Email Campaign Success – Infographics

Are you sending email campaigns to your subscribers or trying with Cold Emailing, these tips will help you to make your next campaign a successful one.

Email is still considered the best Marketing tool with the highest ROI with every $ spend you will get $42.  

Approx 306 billion emails sent every day in 2020.

That’s huge but, do you know?

99% of consumers check their personal emails at least once every day.

But at the same time,  spam filtering has become more rigorous and it is getting harder for marketers to land the emails in the user inbox.

Do you also have low email open rates? there might be many reasons why your email is caught into spam,

Sharing an Infographics from Ucompare mentioned 10 actionable emails marketing tips for the campaign success.


email marketing infographics


Hope these tips will help you in creating a successful email campaign.

Please do share your top email marketing hack via comments.

10 Actionable Tips for Email Campaign Success – Infographics

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