Disprz Secured $2.5 million in Series A funding from IL&FS, Kae Capital

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Disprz Series A funding

Chennai based Disprz raised $2.5 million in series A funding form IL&FS and existing investor Kae Capital. Disprz is a one-of-its-kind “knowledge-tech” start-up that strives to make people knowledgeable, productive and smarter at what they do, through the use of today’s technology tools like social, mobile, cloud and analytics.

Disprz was founded by Kuljit Chadha and Subbu Viswanathan, business school classmates at ISB, Hyderabad.

Kuljit, based in Mumbai, has an engineering degree from Mumbai University and handles sales and marketing. Subbu, based in Chennai, has an engineering degree from IIT-Madras and handles technology and finance. This is their second start-up together and aside from their shared passion of making Disprz a lasting enterprise for enterprises, they share an equal passion for food, filter coffee, movies and cricket.

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They do have their differences – Kuljit is a cross-fit enthusiast while Subbu is still a wannabe sub-BMI-30 aspirant. Kuljit loves his beer while Subbu hates the taste of alcohol and relies on technological breakthroughs to get high.

Disprz CEO Subramanian Viswanathan told ET: ”  Companies which have a lot of knowledge workers in their payroll — say, tech companies — and R&D, need to be constantly upgraded. We (also) do it with frontline workers who face customers. We train them through the app. They get trained, on boarded, communicated and engaged on our platform.”

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