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Discovering what’s trending on Twitter can be a challenge. Do you check in on a list of thought leaders every morning? Search for keywords using Twitter’s advanced search? Tune into your timeline?

There are tools out there that can make it easier for you to discover what’s popular right now in your niche or industry. We’ve rounded up three of the best.


Buzzsumo scours Twitter for the most popular topics related to a keyword or domain. You can filter the results by time period, from the past 24 hours up to the past year.

What’s great about Buzzsumo is that it shows you popular articles on social media, not just Twitter. On the search results page, you can see how many shares a particular piece of content received on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and (yes, even) Google+. This can offer up great insight into what content is being talked about most on the social web, allowing you to jump in and add your two cents (or use it as inspiration for your own content).

Other filters include language, country and content types such as articles, infographics or videos. And while the free version allows you to search for any topic under the sun, the Pro version provides alerts, multiple users and other advanced features.


Topsy is a social search engine that shows you the most popular content related to any keyword you choose. Topsy offers a more immediate time filter than Buzzsumo, allowing you to view results from the past hour to 30 days. You can also filter by content type, such as links, tweets and videos, by language, and by relevance.

Search results are displayed similarly to Google’s results page, with a headline, URL and a “preview” of the text or content itself. Each result is connected to all of the other tweets containing that content, and you can click to view the entire list.

Topsy goes even further in showing you what’s trending by connecting its search results to Topsy Analytics. This displays a graph of how popular your search terms has been over the past 30 days, displaying the volume of tweets sent each day. As an added bonus, you can input up to two other keywords and compare tweet volume over time.


Socialmention shows you the latest tweets, blog posts and other social posts about any topic you choose, at any time, or from a specific time like the past hour to the past month. Unlike Buzzsumo and Topsy, socialmention focuses on real-time search results and doesn’t automatically sort by popularity or volume.

Along the left side, you can see some basic stats about your chosen keyword, such as the sentiment and reach. There is other useful information that you can use to dive deeper into what content is popular available too, like the top tweeters tweeting about your topic and the most popular related hashtags.

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