Destination discovery platform Holidify raises $100K in angel funding

Delhi-based online holiday destination discovery platform Holidify has raised $100,000 (about Rs65 lakh) in an angel funding round led by Aarti Industries, a chemicals company which has invested in three other startups. The fundraising, with contribution from entrepreneur Naman Sarawagi among others, is the first round of external funding for the one-year old startup. The money will be used to strengthen its technological capability.

Holidify  was conceptualized by IIT Bombay graduates Rohit Shroff and Kovid Kapoor who, being avid travellers, had exhausted the options for travel on popular forums all over the Internet and wanted to build a platform that would help travelers find out about awesome places in India which are still untouched.

Rohit Shroff, co-founder of Holidify, described the platform that includes geo-coordinates, reviews and filters based on preferences, as “zomato for holidays”. The website gets about 500,000 views every month, with most visitors looking for weekend getaways.

The next step for Holidify is to refine the App in such a way that it can be a getaway planner wholly by itself. The App already has features like “Trending places”, “Holidify Now!” and “Tags” which give live dynamic suggestions to users and help them plan their trip according to their holiday preferences. Holidify is also in the process of coming up with adventure activities as getaways.

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