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Credihealth: Not just another book doctor’s appointment website

The current healthcare startup ecosystem is developing at a rate experts probably never predicted. Increasing number of chronic diseases, aging population and healthcare costs are all factors contributing to the rapid growth in the digital health market.

Online delivery and search are the focal point of digitalization providing extensive information that help users make informed medical decisions. While hundreds of healthcare startups are mushrooming across the country, a credible and reliable platform is still the need of the hour.

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This is where Credihealth, the largest network of hospitals in India comes into the picture. In addition to a comprehensive hospital and doctor database that’s constantly being updated, the website works as a one-stop destination to help patients make better medical decisions by providing information on procedures, treatments, patient feedback and pre-recorded doctor interviews – all this in addition to getting the doctor’s appointment fixed.

credihealthThe idea is to hold the hand of the patient from first consultation through their procedure until any required post-op rehabilitation therapy.

Credihealth hires doctors and medical experts who make for the in-house team navigating patients to the right direction in the medical world. Doctor options are recommended to patients according to their need. This includes a huge percentage of people in India who do not have health insurance. Almost every person looking to get a treatment done is also seeking pricing options. Another trend among patients is requesting doctors with over a certain number of years of experience in their field. No doubt, everyone seeking medical treatment want a credible specialist and a treatment package that is affordable.

Credihealth acts as a knowledge centre providing people the right information at every step of his hospital journey.

While its easy for media to compare Credihealth with other players in the same space, this healthcare website has found it’s niche in serving people by providing them personalized hospitalization services.

Credihealth has also recently re-launched its health app, making over 25,000 trusted doctors from over 500 top hospitals available for people in Delhi NCR, Mumbai region, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Ranchi, Jaipur, Pune and Indore. The app’s main features include checking Doctor credentials, years of experience, education qualifications, OPD schedule and consultation fees. Next time you need a specialist, give this dot com a shot.

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