Content Writing Essentials For Every Entrepreneur

Young startup founders often underestimate the value of quality content for digital marketing and their startup. We are here to demystify SEO and online marketing for all the young entrepreneurs out there.

Content is like the soul of your website or blog. No matter how great your product is, if you can’t generate attractive and relatable content then the chances are that it will go unnoticed.

One golden rule is that you must always remember that in the vast ocean of internet, nothing is really original. You may think that your idea is one in a million but in all probability, there are hundreds of other web pages which already have the same content. Everyone is primarily dressing the same content in different costumes. Then how do you attract the audience and bring something different to the table? Well, we are going to help you through this article.

Strictly on technical terms also, you definitely need a content marketing strategy for your startup. It is a herculean task to make a solid online reputation and one needs to keep hundreds of small things in mind.

Here are certain content writing essentials which every young entrepreneur must keep in mind:

Don’t Outsource

As your startup grows, your work also grows. As preposterous as it sounds, you must try to write the content for your startup on your own in the beginning.

It is your startup and no one knows it better than you. Instead of outsourcing it to someone or some PR firm, do it on your own. You will be able to infuse your own personality into the content which makes it more personal and attractive.

Content writing for your own startup works like a mirror. You are directly able to approach your startup in a very unique way which helps in your evolution as an entrepreneur. It helps you to form a close trio between you, your startup and the audience.

Market Research

When you are writing content for a startup, it’s not just about stringing few words together. It requires rigorous research. One must analyze the customer reviews, do competitive research, observe what others are writing, the statistics related to the customer base and sales. It is only after paying a close attention to all these parameters, you can get the desired results. Each and every word matters and doing this exercise will make you a better revenue generator for your startup.

Everything is transactional

Your startup is your baby and you can go on and on about it. But content writing is really transactional in nature especially when it comes to blogs or startup stories.
Yes, your journey must have had its share of hardships and it may be inspiring. But no one will read your content if it will be all about you or your startup.

You must always give something which helps the readers. You need to identify their problems, demands, areas of interest and feed into them. It is all about striking the right balance between the message you really want to convey and the information your readers want.

Drafting emails is an art

Email marketing is a thing and the sooner you accept the better it is for your startup. Investors, PR firms, and customers get a plethora of emails daily and you must keep certain things in mind if you don’t want to see your startup’s email in the trash folder.

The first and the most basic step is that the receiver opens your email. You must offer them something that can prove useful to them. Avoid mass emails. Make them personal. It makes the receiver feel that you mean business and have done your research.

Avoid the technical jargon

It is essential to tell about your services and products to the target audience. But don’t get too technical. You must always dumb it down for the common man unless your startup caters to a very specific audience.

Whether you like to believe or not, the content plays a crucial role in forming the opinion about your startup and its products.

Different content demands the different style

You cannot afford to keep the same style of writing for all the content. As the content changes, the style has to change automatically. If it’s a blog then it has to be more personal, product information will be more formal and specific.
All the content must have a proper structure (Beginning, middle and the end) and format goes without saying.

Can never ignore SEO

You need to master SEO if you really want people to know about your start. Online tools and websites like SEMrush help but ultimately, it only comes with practice. You must be very systematic and keep a track of all the most used words related to your content and then try to inculcate them in your content.

No matter how relevant your startup is, if you can’t convey that to your audience effectively then all the efforts are futile. As we said in the beginning, content is like the soul of your startup.

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