The Complete Process of Company Incorporation in India – Easy Steps

Are you Looking to get your company registration in India, this video will help you in understanding the process and documents involved in getting your business incorporated.

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I am Abhishek founder of startersCFO and in this video, we will discuss the procedure for company incorporation.

The Complete Process of Company Registration in India

With the ease of doing business, the process of company incorporation has been made very easy it’s all online and just takes seven days for company incorporation nowadays.

So how the process works:

The step one is to apply for the digital signatures of the directors

Step two is to apply for director identification number commonly known as DIN number once we get the din number we have to apply for the approval of the name of the company.

There are certain guidelines which govern the name of the company so the name of the company should not resemble any of the existing companies or LLP and there should not be any registered trademark in the name of the company.

Once the name is approved we have to prepare the memorandum of Association and article of Association memorandum of Association basically tells us about the objects of the company what the activities the company will do and article of Association tells us about the provisions of the governance of the company.

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Once all these documents are ready we have to file the forms for company formation after which we get the certificate of incorporation once you get the certificate of incorporation we get the pan number along with it and we can open the bank account and board the flight of an entrepreneurship.

What are the documents required for company formation:

so one is the photograph of the directors, second is the pan card of the directors then we need the address proof in the form of a bank statement having few transactions or a utility bill in the name of the directors.

Then we need an identity proof that can be a voter ID card add our card or passport of Directors apart from this we also need a utility bill of the registered address of the company that can be an electricity bill and a no-objection certificate from the owner of the company.

With these simple steps, we can form a company.

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What are the tips from the StartersCFO:

Pro tips from StartersCFO while incorporation a company. So we here at startersCFO believe in incorporating investor friendly company means where the authorized capital is more than the paid-up capital.

This saves a lot of time and cost at the time of getting funds into the company.

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