How To Create More Visibility For Your Business In 2018

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Being seen as a trusted authority is essential to your business. We all know this – people like to buy products from businesses they know and trust.

One of the best ways to earn trust is by being often seen. According to research gathered from Salesforce (one of the largest sales database companies in the world) – it takes six to eight quality touches before someone feels comfortable buying.

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If you’re in business knowing how to be visible and creating the visibility that builds trust is essential to your business. And now, with over 1.8 billion websites, it’s harder than ever to assure you get seen, become a trusted authority, and make that sale.[bctt tweet=”How To Create More Visibility For Your Business In 2018 @BizztorMedia ” username=”wholesomeunion”]

Learning to create visibility and social proof to grow your business a new art. It’s not like the old days where you send a piece of mail out, slap together a website, or just jump on social media to get seen.

Now, you’ll need more than. You’ll need to tap into the power of social media, content marketing, and creating content that can be seen everywhere your ideal clients go. If they’re on social, surfing the web, YouTube, podcasts, or anywhere – you’re there.

That kind of work can be quite involved and can be incredibly difficult to know how to do. Lucky for you, at Thriving Launch, we’ve found a method that not only works for us – but it’s also working for Gary Vaynerchuk, Anthony Robbins, Lewis Howes, and many others who crush it online with their business.

Creating Content Creates Social Proof

After being featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes Magazine, Inc. Magazine, Influencive, and hosting my podcast – I’ve become an expert in high demand.

If you were to Google my name, Luis Congdon, you’d find my name takes up page after page of results. I’ve worked hard to make myself visible, it’s essential to business, especially in an era where 97% of people find local businesses via the internet.

As time goes on, there will be more and more websites, businesses, and competition – being easily found online will become essential to your success. If I search for your name or company, will I find you? If your answer is no, time to get to work.

One of the best ways to get started to create that digital footprint, you’ll want to start building more content – but not just any kind of content, ideally the kind that makes you omnipresent.

Create One Type of Content – Then Repurpose It

Being highly visible online isn’t like it used to be. In this era of social media, podcasts, video sites, magazines…and all the other platforms used to create visibility; you’ll want to be intelligent about how you create content that follows your leads everywhere.

When I sit to create content, I like to do it once, tweak it – and use it everywhere. This is the strategy we’ve mastered, and it’s what I’d like to help you learn too.

In fact, this article first started as a podcast recording – which will be syndicated to my 100,000+ listeners on Thriving Launch.

Then that piece of content gets tweaked to make a little video, some pieces of that get pulled for a social media image (like this one), and that whole podcast gets transcribed to produce a long key-word rich post on our website.

If you enjoy writing – when you write – also take that article and work it into a podcast (but don’t’ read it – more on this tip below).

If you take one piece of content and re-work it quickly for other pieces of content – you’ll make your work easier – and you’ll cover the internet with a big footprint – all to help you be found easier.

Don’t Just Repurpose – Be Smart About How & Where You Post

One problem I see many entrepreneurs make with repurposing their content is their inability to consider the platforms they post on.

For example, I’ve seen people take their Facebook Lives and turn them into a podcast – but if you think about a podcast listener and a Facebook Live viewer – the audience is very different.

When someone listens to a podcast, they want good audio and are likely tuned in with headphones and not watching a video, which means their expectations are very different from a Facebook Live viewer.

How do you then repurpose intelligently?

Think ahead. When you make a piece of content, ask yourself, “Where else do I want to post this? What is the viewer like on that platform?”

When my clients want to repurpose their Facebook Lives for podcasting – I ask them to set up quality audio for their FB Live, don’t use lots of visual cues, and do all their banter with their live viewers in a way that can work for a listener who is tuning through audio only.

Repurposing content is one of the best time-saving techniques you can do for your business – but it will require a little forethought.

Similarly, if you decided to write a blog article first – it wouldn’t work to get in front of a camera and just read it off the page…You have to think about the viewer and what platform they’re tuning in from and then tailor your content for that medium.

That being said, no need to perfect, just start working it and putting out content. The more you do, the better you’ll get and the more of a tribe you’ll grow.

Creating Consistent Content Compounds And Will Pay Off

If you’ve been hesitant about creating a blog, it could be costing a lot of free leads. In fact, according to Hubspot research, companies who blog can get up to more than five times more free leads than sites that don’t blog or create content.

Similarly, when you are creating consistent content, over time, it creates a compounding effect that can equal lots more traffic and visibility to your website.

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At first, it may seem like lots of work to create content. That’s true of anything if you’re new at it – being a novice at any activity initially requires more work. Later, it will be quite easy.

In our case, when we first started our podcast – it took hours for every episode. Now, we can produce a five time a week show with just a few hours a month (that’s a ton of content).

Then when we realized, it’s great to be on iTunes and Google Play – but it’d be better to everywhere, it took a lot of work to create our strategy. Now, it only takes a few hours a month, and we’re everywhere.

Log into Facebook; our content is there. Go to Twitter, our stuff is there, hop onto YouTube, we’re there too…and go into publications online, and we’re also there.

We are incredibly committed to helping our audience and finding our tribe – that we’ve invested a lot of our resources to assuring we are anywhere anyone needs us.

How about you – how easy are you to find? If you’re not getting seen as much as you’d like – maybe it’s time to create a podcast, a blog, and content that increases your visibility.

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