AR Startup Whodat raised $600,000 from Ideaspring Capital.

AR Startup Whodat, has raised $600,000 (approximately Rs 3.86 crore) from Ideaspring Capital.
The company will use the funds for research and development, and team expansion.

Ideaspring Capital MD Arihant Patni said

“Whodat has a great team led by Sriram (Ganesh) and Kaushik (Das) and their vision is to solidify their SLAM approach. They also aim to provide contextual information about the scene using deep learning approaches and eventually productive the overall package so developers can easily create AR experiences without any knowledge of vision and learning systems.”

Whodat is founded by Kaushik Das and Sriram Ganesh in 2013 by Kaushik Das and Sriram Ganesh. The Bengaluru-based company provides augmented reality technology stack or software to other businesses for them to build an AR-based application or product feature.

Whodat’s technology is available for Android and iOS mobile applications to integrate AR product features.

It follows a business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) model, is building a proprietary hybrid SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) system to place digital content within indoor environments without markers, which are basically visual cues which are linked to virtual information.

Whodat Co-founder, Sriram Ganesh also commented,

“What’s goal is to minimize developers’ efforts…our AR platform makes it easy for developers with minimal knowledge of computer vision and deep learning to develop AR experiences.”


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