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Serial entrepreneurs create next-gen social network “Affimity” after selling their first startup for $158 Mn in 2007

Affimity is a next-gen social network. It marries the socialising and network feeds of social networks and the convenience and focus of interest-specific TV channels.

It came about when we saw how noisy most of today’s social feeds are, and how hard it is to actually indulge your real interests on those. Most of today’s social networks are centered on people you friend or follow, and you are connected to ALL of their thoughts regardless of your interest in the content of most of those thoughts. You cannot just get the posts that you are truly interested in – say fitness or food or football, from the people you are connected to. So, we thought it would be good if we flipped the social model to centre on your interests, and connect to people who share those interests. That way, your social feeds are much more interesting, AND you now get to discover and connect with people who share your interests, and are therefore more interesting to you.

Founding Team :-

The founding team consists of Ramana Venkata, IITM and Stanford Grad, Stratify Founder, Ex- President of Iron Mountain Digital; Parveen Mittal, IITB/IIMA Grad,Ex-VP & Country Manager of HP Autonomy; and Amar J Singh, Ex-VP of HP. The three had worked together earlier in a successful startup called Stratify. Stratify was acquired by IronMountain for $158M in 2007. Affimity has hundreds of thousands of active users across its website and Android & iOS mobile apps.

Traction :-

We are very encouraged by the traction to date. We have about 35+ social channels on Affimity, and many of them are seeing really good organic growth. We are still very young and still in Beta, but our iOS and Android apps have received many excellent reviews and growing downloads. It looks like there is universal agreement with our founding thesis, and most of our users find our apps and website easy to use and come back to.

Target Audience :-

We are targeting passionate people who use social media to find and connect withpeople and content they actually care about. This is typically men and women between 18 – 34 years old who spend at least 3+ hours on social media a week, and who have specific interests they care about a great deal. Some of our social channels are Food, Parenting, Music, Digital Life, At Home Moms, Gaming etc.

Competitive Landscape :-

Most of our competing social networks allow you to friend or follow a person first, and therefore receive all of their posts regardless of your interest in those subjects. In contrast, we enable you to first choose your specific social channels based on your interests, and discover and connect with friends who share those interests with you. This makes your social feeds on Affimity much richer in stuff you are truly interested in, while fully retaining the familiar and addictive aspects of social media. A win-win.

Challenges :-

Our biggest challenge and focus is on getting the word out about our social network to the target population. To this end, we are focusing on specific geographies (US, UK, India, Korea and Brazil) and specific demographics (foodies, musicians, women, parents…)

Future Plans :-

With acclaimed apps and website now in front of our users, we plan to focus more on reaching and delighting our target user groups, attracting more influencers to our platform and fine-tuning our service based on their specific feedback.

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