With 52 million Impact on Twitter #indianbizparty started with Great Success

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Indianbizparty got 52 million Impact on twitter on the Launch on 24th March. That is a great success for an Indian start up ( which help businesses, Entrepreneurs & start up to connect with each other ).

indian-biz-party 24th

we thank you all of you who joined us yesterday and specially thanks to Crowdfire who sponsored us for the first event.


Few Words from our CEO

” I am pretty happy & excited after our First #indianbizparty, Happy because so many people joined us and and discussed their businesses, got their brand to network and more – excited because when you got 51 million + Impacts on Twitter then surely there are more expectations of people from you to make it better and to help them to take out their business out from crowd so more challenges you need to face and more work to do.

I personally thank to all who joined and promise that there will be better networking in coming event on 31st March.  There is much more to come in near future which will not only help our community but will help to nation in Digital India Campaign. Regards  – Vijay Kumar  “

We advise you to stay connected with us and join each #indianbizparty on Tuesday.

We also like to hear your thoughts on how to make Indianbizparty better place for start-ups.

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