5 Quick And Inexpensive Ways To Generate Leads For Your Business

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There is a lot of buzz surrounding social media when it comes to generating leads for business. The research shows that the number one issues that small business owners are facing today are not having enough qualified prospects.

Every startup owner would like to have more high-quality prospects, but most of them either don’t have the expertise or doesn’t have enough time on hand.

In any given industry, there are myriad of potential lead sources that can be utilised to supply your business high-quality sales leads. Some are really inexpensive and simple to set up. In this article, we’ll cover the best practices for the lead generation that takes the minimum amount of efforts and floods you with leads.

What would an ultimate lead generation system look like?

A great lead generation system should have following things:

1. It should require little manual efforts to effectively run it with the ability to be put almost entirely on the autopilot.
2. The people who respond to give you the permission to contact them and give them your best sales presentation about your products and services.
3. It generates names, addresses and even email address of people who are responding and seems to be interested in knowing more about your specific products and services.
4. It creates a positive relationship of trust and generates the perception that you are the authority in your industry about the products or services.
5. It generates predictable results.

There might be hundreds of ways to generate leads, but there are some sure shot ones that are meant to give results.

Email Marketing

You are missing out on one of the simplest ways to generate leads. Research states that $1 invested in email marketing initiatives still yields roughly $44.25 return for marketers. A consistent and highly relevant email communication helps you build credibility and trust with leads. Well, MailLands can help you with your next email marketing campaign.


These are the definite dream machines to generate leads. Use this social networking tools to generate leads. Use it to reach out to influencers in your industry and get into a conversation with them.


Webinars are inexpensive ways to get a message to thousands of potential customers. There are several services available that lets you broadcast a webinar easily and effectively. Come up with the great idea that helps your customers and promote it using social media, this will help in to bring the leads flowing in.

Developing an engaging video

Rather than producing any other terrible commercial and posting on YouTube, understand what people want more is entertainment. Spend some time in developing the great idea that promotes your business and engages the customers. Once the video is uploaded, you can get the ball rolling or making it go viral by using various social networking websites.

Strong Branding

Customers love authentic companies. They love it when the company has a strong and clear message and it remains consistent amongst all the marketing platforms. Focus on communicating through your brand and this way your conversion rates will go higher, resulting in more leads.

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