3 Habits Every Startup Founder Must Cultivate To Avoid Burnout

Natasha Bougourd, TSG

According to a recent survey, many young entrepreneurs in India often end up getting over-worked and distressed in few months after the launch of their startup. Mental health should be your utmost concern for a safe and secure future for your startup.

Your startup is probably your dream project and you don’t want to leave any stone unturned for its success. But working from dawn to dusk or constantly thinking about it is certainly not the solution. Yes, you need that 7-8 hour of sleep. You need those 2 hours just for yourself.

Your startup idea may really have the potential to be one in million but your startup’s well being is directly dependent upon your health. If one deteriorates, the other cannot sustain on its own.

Here are 3 things every startup founder must do to avoid burnouts:

Self Prioritize

Throughout the day, you need to constantly remind yourself that you should always be your top priority at any given time. You cannot execute anything if you are ill or not in the right headspace. Your to-do list must have at least two activities which you actually love to do besides your startup.

It can be anything from the gym to going for a run or reading a book. No matter how packed up your schedule is but you must always fulfill these two tasks in any endeavor. Self-prioritization and self-disciplined are two foundations on which all the successful startups are built.

Delegate your responsibilities

No matter how passionate you are but you cannot do everything in one day. In the beginning, you might not have the resources to hire anyone or have a very small team. But you systematically delegate your work.

The key is to strike a right balance between the things you really enjoy to do and the mundane tasks which suck all the vivaciousness out of your body.

Keep reminding yourself that why did you become an entrepreneur in the first place. Jot down the reasons why you love your job and read them whenever you get the time. If you won’t delegate your work and stay frustrated all the time then what’ the point of any of it anyway.

Everything counts

Yes, you have miles to go before you sleep. The vision that you have for your startup cannot be achieved in one day. The work seems unquantifiable and so overwhelming. But you must self-pat yourself from time to time.

Celebrate everything. Even the smallest of the smallest tasks count. It’s your startup. It’s your journey. You deserve to cherish it. You deserve to embrace event the tiniest of accomplishments.

Your startup will be fine. You will be fine.

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