10 Top Mistakes to avoid as First Time Entrepreneur

Mistakes To Avoid As First Time Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Era has just started in India and number of startups increasing day by day at a rapid pace. For first time entrepreneur, it’s a learning phase and there are much chance of failure.

Sharing a great Infographics from to better understand this and try to avoid these mistakes to get your startup journey with less risk of failure.

Startup-Mistakes-to avoid

Here are the Top 10 startup mistakes you must avoid.

  1. Building something nobody Wants
  2. Poor teams ( Hiring poorly )
  3. Lack of Focus
  4. Failed to execute sales and marketing
  5. Not having right co-founder
  6. Chasing Investors not customers
  7. Spending too much money
  8. Failing to ask for help
  9. Ignoring Social Media.

As an entrepreneur, we would like to hear from you, which of the mentioned points you think are major mistake, we must avoid.

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